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Barbara Scales

President, Latitude 45 Arts


Barbara Scales is the founder and President of Latitude 45 Arts Promotion, Inc. established in 1981 and based in Montreal. She works with artists who perform at the highest level, displaying creativity, engagement and courage. An internationalist by principal, her company represents artists from Australia, Japan, Korea, Iran, Israel, Mexico, Argentina, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, South Africa, the United States and Canada.

Ms Scales studied philosophy with a Master’s thesis on “What does it mean to say that art belongs to its time?” The question is fundamental to her work with creative musicians.

Originally from New York City, Barbara Scales made Montreal her home in 1968. Since 2014, she has been President of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Music Centre in Quebec. She has served for over 25 years on the national board of the Canadian Music Centre. She has also served as an officer on the boards of CINARS, NAPAMA, ISPA and presided the first IAMA conference outside of Europe, in 2013.


Damián Siqueiros, Creative Producer, Terra Sapiens studio damiansiqueiros.com

Juan David Padilla Vega, Cinematographer youtube.com/c/urniatorstudio

Camilo Chitiva, Cinematographer makka.ca

Helena Vallès Escola, Script and research helenavalles.com

Liliana Ortiz Casas, Video Editor liliortiz.design