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IndiegogoIndiegogo's crowdfunding campaigns are where new and groundbreaking products take flight, sometimes long before they hit mainstream availability. With thousands of campaigns launching every week, there's great tech, design, and much more around every corner — often with limited-time perks and pricing for the earliest backers. Before it's everywhere, it's on Indiegogo.EnglishCrowdfunding
Manitoba Film & MusicManitoba Film & Music is the engine of the province’s commitment to the creation, growth and stewardship of a dynamic sector where content creators, entrepreneurial producers, skilled technicians, talented performers, and industry-responsive suppliers thrive as collaborators on creative content made in Manitoba for global audiences. As an instrument of economic development, Manitoba Film and Music is a catalyst for inward investment.EnglishAssociation - film and music, Manitoba
SOCANEn tant que plus importante organisation de gestion de droits au Canada, nous sommes le trait d’union entre plus de 4 millions de créateurs partout dans le monde et plus d’un quart de million d’entreprises et d’individus, uniquement au Canada. Notre effectif de membres compte plus de 150 000 auteurs, compositeurs, éditeurs de musique et artistes visuels, tandis que plus de 100 000 entreprises d’un bout à l’autre du pays sont détentrices d’une licence « Autorisé à vous divertir ». Nous octroyons des licences pour l’exécution publique et la reproduction de musique ainsi que pour la reproduction d’œuvres d’art visuel.FrançaisSociété de gestion collective
Fonds du Canada pour la présentation des arts (FCPA)Le Fonds du Canada pour la présentation des arts (FCPA) fournit une aide financière aux organismes qui présentent des festivals artistiques ou des saisons de spectacles professionnels. Le FCPA appuie également les organismes qui viennent en aide aux diffuseurs artistiques.FrançaisFinancement - FCPA
Canadian Council of Music Industry Associations (CCMIA)Formed in 2002, the Canadian Council of Music Industry Associations (CCMIA) is a national council representing the provincial and territorial music industry associations (MIAs) in Canada, including Alberta Music, Manitoba Music, Music and Film in Motion, Music BC, Music Nova Scotia, Music NWT, Music PEI, Music Yukon, Music/Musique NB, MusicNL, MusicOntario, and SaskMusic.EnglishAssociation - trade
BC Alliance for Arts and CultureDirector Johnny Kalangis takes us through a demo of free video and audio production software DaVinci Resolve, while fielding questions on other A/V editors, and editing tips in general.EnglishSoftware - free, AV
Canadian Music Centre (CMC)The Canadian Music Centre has been supporting, preserving and celebrating the works of Canadian composers since 1959. As proud and passionate advocates, we offer innovative resources for discovering, exploring, listening to and playing Canadian music online and in five regional hubs.EnglishAssociation - CMC, ON
Manitoba Musicuseful information on a variety of subjectsEnglishReference - Music business tipshttp://Manitoba Music’s DIY Roundup Page: Music Business Tips from the Web

SOCAN Foundation
SOCAN Foundation awards emerging Canadian musical and audio-visual composers and songwriters producing high-quality original works that deserve to be recognized. A wide variety of awards are available to recognize the remarkable talent we call Canadian music-creators across genres.EnglishFunding - awards
Arts On (the) LineArts On (the) Line: Copyright Protection of Digital Performances for Presenters, Agents & ManagersEnglishCopyright - digital performances is a collaborative, community activity with a mission to create, maintain, and promote schemas for structured data on the Internet, on web pages, in email messages, and beyond.EnglishMetadata - Schema
Ontario Arts CouncilProvincial or territorial arts councilEnglishFunding - grants
Le concert bleuThe immersive digital platform for Quebec’s classical music communityEnglishPlatform - streaming
La Ville de QuébecLa Ville de Québec a instauré des mesures d’aide et différents programmes de subventions, dont certains relèvent de l’Entente de développement culturel intervenue avec le ministère de la Culture et des Communications. Ils s’adressent autant aux propriétaires, aux artistes qu’aux organismes artistiques et culturels professionnels.FrançaisFinancement - subventions
The Professionnal Music Publishers's Association (Association des professionnels de l’édition musicale - APEM)The Professionnal Music Publishers's Association (Association des professionnels de l’édition musicale - APEM) represents francophone music publishers in Canada. Its members total 830 publishing companies representing 400,000 musical works. APEM defends the rights and interests of the music publishers and the authors and composers it representsEnglishPublishing - music
CD BabyMake your music available on 150+ streaming and download services around the world, including Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Amazon, Pandora, YouTube, and Deezer, all for a one-time setup fee. Wherever your fans prefer to listen to music, they’ll find you!EnglishDistribution - digital
Canada's anti-spam legislation (CASL)Canada's anti-spam legislation (CASL) protects consumers and businesses from the misuse of digital technology, including spam and other electronic threats. It also aims to help businesses stay competitive in a global, digital marketplace. Learn about the legislation as well as how to protect yourself from spam and how to report it when necessary.EnglishCASL - guide
Music/Musique NB (MNB)Music/Musique NB (MNB) is a provincial music industry association that provides a support network for musicians, managers, and businesses that are involved in the creation of music within the province of New Brunswick. MNB is a non-profit association with ties on regional, provincial, and national levels with government agencies and departments who enable us to lobby and promote our industry and our artists whenever possible. MNB’s primary responsibility is to represent the interests of its members and foster the New Brunswick music industry.EnglishAssociation - music, NB
Yukon Arts Centre CorporationMission Statement: The Yukon Arts Centre Corporation engages the Yukon by supporting arts and culture through development, presentation and conversation. A part of the Yukon Arts Centre’s ongoing mission is to provide artistic programming to the entire Yukon Territory.EnglishPresenters' network
Manitoba MusicManitoba Music is the hub of Manitoba’s vibrant music community and is a member-based, not-for-profit industry association representing over 750 members in all facets of the music industry, including artists and bands, studios, agents, managers, songwriters, venues, promoters, producers, and beyond. Manitoba Music serves all genres, from rock to roots, hip hop to hardcore, country to classical, and everything in between.EnglishReference - RIGHTS MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATIONS
Agence canadienne des droits de reproduction musicaux ltée (CMRRA)Fondé en 1975 , l’Agence canadienne des droits de reproduction musicaux ltée est une société de gestion collective qui représente des titulaires de droits d’auteur, rangeant des larges maisons d’édition multinationales à des auteurs/compositeurs individuels. Ensemble, ces ayants droit possèdent ou gèrent la grande majorité des œuvres musicales enregistrées, vendues et diffusées au Canada. En leur nom, la CMRRA octroi des licences aux personnes et organisations qui font la reproduction de leurs œuvres sur divers médias, dont la liste figure tel que décrit ci-dessous.FrançaisLicences - CMRRA
SOCAN FoundationSOCAN Foundation provides grants for Canadian music creators and publishers working to promote appreciation for Canadian music in today’s society. Our grants support the spread of our music both within Canada and abroad, ensuring our voices are heard all over the world and in our own back yards.EnglishFunding - grants
WikipediaCreative Commons (CC) is an American non-profit organization and international network devoted to educational access and expanding the range of creative works available for others to build upon legally and to share.EnglishLicensing - Creative Commons
WikipediaA list of on-demand music streaming services. The services offer streaming of full-length content via the Internet as a part of their service, without the listener necessarily purchasing a file for download. This type of service is comparable to Internet radio. Many of these sites have advertising and offer non-free options in the style of an online music store. For a list of online music stores that provide a means of purchasing and downloading music as files of some sort, see: Comparison of online music stores. Many of both types of sites offer services similar to an online music database.EnglishPlatform - streaming, comparisons
MetaMusicA guide to indexing music content using metadata intended for all rights holders of the music value chain. It outlines the procedure and best practices to follow and establishes a common metadata model for indexing any music content.EnglishMetadata - guide
YouTube MusicYouTube Music is a music streaming service developed by YouTube, a subsidiary of Google. It provides a tailored interface for the service oriented towards music streaming, allowing users to browse through songs and music videos on YouTube based on genres, playlists, and recommendations. It replaced Google Music in December 2020.EnglishPlatform - music

ASCAP is a membership association of more than 800,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers. We uphold the value of our members’ music, and help them thrive alongside the businesses that use their music every day.EnglishPerforming rights organisation - US
Twitch.tvStreaming service, generally for gaming but it's opened up to other things, including music.EnglishPlatform - streaming
Music Data Exchange (MDX)MDX provides a central database of real-time, pre-release, metadata and publisher rights and claiming capabilities. It uses the latest in automated messaging (using DDEX standards) to enable high-volume, efficient exchanges of data, while offering publishers full visibility to claimed and unclaimed shares in new sound recordings.EnglishMetadata -MDX

Le point de vente
Des blogs qui touchent à: La vidéo sur demande: une flexibilité pour votre auditoire, Les Québécois et les événements en ligne (édition 2), 9 questions et réponses sur la diffusion d’événements virtuels, Live ou pas live ?.....FrançaisRéférence - divers (blogs)

Centre de musique cannadienne (CMC)
Depuis 1959, le Centre de musique canadienne appuie, préserve et fait connaître les œuvres de compositeurs canadiens. C’est avec fierté et engagement que nous mettons à votre disposition des ressources uniques en leur genre qui vous permettent de découvrir, d’explorer, d’écouter et d’interpréter ce répertoire canadien, en ligne et dans nos cinq bureaux régionaux.FrançaisAssociation - CMC
CFMTAThe CFMTA is a national organization that provides leadership in music education across Canada.EnglishAssociation - music teachers
Winnipeg Arts Council IncThe Winnipeg Arts Council Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation with charitable status, charged by the City of Winnipeg to distribute funding to arts organizations and artists, to manage the City’s Public Art Policy, and to champion development of the arts for the people of Winnipeg. As a pre-eminent city-building organization, the Winnipeg Arts Council focuses on the quality of life in the city and how arts and culture determines Winnipeg’s reputation as a City of the Arts, both nationally and internationally.EnglishFunding - grants

PAN M 360 is both a reference media and a participatory platform for the entire music community: music lovers, music students, creators, performers, singers, rappers, beatmakers, producers, publishers, musicologists, historians, and cultural economists.EnglishPlatform - music
Roots MusicTech Tips and Tricks for Successful Livestreaming from Folk Alliance Session Notes by Roots Music CanadaEnglishLivestream - tips
mySCENAmySCENA is a new web platform published in English and French by LSM, a non-profit charity dedicated to the promotion of music and the arts since 1996.EnglishMedia - myScena
WikipediaLa distribution numérique (en anglais, Electronic Software Distribution ou ESD) ou distribution en ligne, décrit la fourniture de contenus multimédia, tels la musique, les films, les logiciels ou encore les jeux vidéo, sans l'utilisation d'un support physique conventionnel. La distribution numérique contourne les méthodes classiques de distribution physique, que sont le papier ou le disque optique.FrançaisDistribution - numérique
Canada ClassiqueLa musique crève l’écran Votre loge exclusive vous donnant accès à des concerts classiques en direct et en rediffusionFrançaisPlateforme - streaming

Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec
Conseil des arts provinciaux ou territoriaux - QCFrançaisFinancement - subventions
Conseil québécois de la musique (CQM)Le Conseil québécois de la musique (CQM) travaille à la cohésion, à la reconnaissance, au développement et à la défense des intérêts du milieu musical québécois.FrançaisAssociation - CQM
Stingray MusiqueStingray Musique est aujourd’hui un service musical multiplateforme proposant des milliers de chaînes déclinées dans tous les styles imaginables, accessibles dans le monde entier en ligne, sur mobile et à la télévision.FrançaisPlateforme - musique
DigitalASO / OSANumériquesLancé en 2016, DigitalASO / OSANumériques est un effort intersectoriel avec un mandat de cinq ans pour encourager la transformation numérique des services artistiques canadiens par la recherche à propos de l’alphabétisation numérique, des formations et la création d’alliances et de plateformes.FrançaisTransformation - numérique
Culture/numériQCLe service d’accompagnement de Québec numérique s’inscrit dans le cadre du Plan culturel numérique du Québec (mesure 99). Il consiste à accueillir, orienter, soutenir et aider à l’élaboration des projets qui associent la culture et le numérique. Il s’adresse à tous les acteurs de la culture et des arts sur tout le territoire québécois : organismes et travailleurs culturels, artistes, etc. et vise l’appropriation du numérique et/ou la transformation plus importante au sein de l’organisation culturelle. Il accompagne ainsi le milieu culturel dans ses questions en rapport avec le numérique, qu’elles soient fondamentales ou spécifiques.FrançaisRéférence - Québec numérique
BandcampBouton pour avoir le site en français se trouve en bas et à droite sur la plupart des pages. Site en partie traduit en français.FrançaisPlateforme - musique
Office de la propriété intellectuelle du CanadaLe guide du droit d'auteur, de l'Office de la propriété intellectuelle du Canada Ce guide explique ce qu'est le droit d'auteur, le processus d'enregistrement du droit d'auteur au Canada ainsi que les avantages de l'enregistrement.FrançaisRéférence - droit d'auteur
Lussier & KhouzamLussier & Khouzam est un cabinet juridique canadien spécialisé en droit des arts et des communications. Du cinéma aux médias numériques, en passant par la télévision, les arts de la scène, les jeux vidéos et la musique, notre équipe propose des solutions innovantes adaptées aux défis juridiques propres aux différentes étapes de la création, de l’idéation à la diffusion.FrançaisLégal - cabinet d'avocats
Menon B.SAMPLED MUSIC: WHO OWNS THE SAMPLE?EnglishIP - sampled music
The Arts Touring Alliance of AlbertaThe Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta is a provincial, non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote and assist the development of a strong performing arts touring industry in Alberta. We do this by providing performance opportunities, professional development, publications, web-based data and knowledge sharing.EnglishPresenters' network
Canadian Music Centre (CMC)The Canadian Music Centre has been supporting, preserving and celebrating the works of Canadian composers since 1959. As proud and passionate advocates, we offer innovative resources for discovering, exploring, listening to and playing Canadian music online and in five regional hubs.EnglishAssociation - CMC, Atlantic Canada
OVEE (Online Viewing and Engagement Experience)OVEE (Online Viewing and Engagement Experience) is a shared media viewing experience – a powerful way to reach, connect and engage with audiences. Created by ITVS and funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), OVEE combines quality HD media and livestream content with the community-building conversation of social media in a single-screen experience.EnglishPlatform - music
CFMTA/FCAPMLa CFMTA/FCAPM est une organisation professionnelle qui regroupe des professeurs de musique de l'ensemble du Canada. Afin d'encourager la formationFrançaisAssociation - enseignants musique
COPIBECLe droit d'auteur en brefFrançaisDroit d'auteur - Canada, guide
Réseau CentreMission: Soutenir ses diffuseurs membres dans le développement des arts de la scène.FrançaisRéseau de diffusion
Conseil des arts et des lettres du QuébecProvincial or territorial arts councilEnglishFunding - grants
Foundation SOCANLes compositeurs et auteurs-compositeurs émergents qui participent aux concours de la Fondation SOCAN créent des œuvres de concert et des musiques audiovisuelles qui méritent d’être saluées. Nos concours reconnaissent l’immense talent de ces jeunes créateurs canadiens dans tous les genres musicaux.FrançaisFinancement - concours
International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA)ISPA est un réseau mondial de plus de 500 leaders des arts de la scène avec une représentation de plus de 185 villes et de toutes les régions du monde. Les membres de l'ISPA comprennent des installations, des organisations des arts de la scène, des directeurs d'artistes, des festivals, des bailleurs de fonds, des consultants et d'autres professionnels travaillant dans les arts de la scène.EnglishAssociation - ISPA
JazzedThe first app dedicated to jazz, soul and blues. jazzed is a carefully curated catalogue of music. a collection of exclusively crafted videos and articles. a complete expanse of music. available wherever you are. and whenever you want. jazzed is powered by a loving team, lovers of music. lovers of creation. lovers of craft.EnglishPlatform - streaming
TidalTidal est un système de streaming musical à la demande avec abonnement. Il propose des chansons et des clips en haute qualité. En 2020, le catalogue de Tidal comptait 70 millions de titres et 250 000 clips.FrançaisPlateforme - streaming
Linked Digital Future initiative (LDF)Everything you always wanted to know about WIKIDATA in nine workshops To help build “A Linked Digital Future for the Performing Arts”, CAPACOA and the Conseil Québécois du Théâtre (CQT) invite you to participate in a joint effort to link up the performing arts to Wikidata, an open and collaborative international knowledge base.EnglishWikidata
Culture Bas Saint-Laurent (SOCIÉTÉS DE GESTION EN DROITS D’AUTEUR)Sociétés de gestion en droits d’auteurFrançaisSociété de gestion collective - guide

The Music Business Made Easy
A series of videos covering many aspects of the music business.EnglishReference - music business

Eventbrite est une plateforme de billetterie mondiale qui permet de créer, partager et trouver des activités qui nourrissent leurs passions et enrichissent leur vie et d'y prendre part. Des festivals de musique aux concours de guitare imaginaire, en passant par les marathons, les conférences, les rassemblements communautaires, les collectes de fonds et les concours de jeux, nous avons une mission : rassembler les gens grâce à des événementsFrançaisPlateforme - streaming
ELANUseful links for musicians living/working in Québec.EnglishReference - general, Québec
Pro-MusicFor legal services in North AmericaEnglishLegal - reference
La TrameLa Trame est un projet de captation et diffusion numérique spécialement conçu pour soutenir la création des artistes évoluant dans des disciplines de niche.FrançaisPlateforme - streaming
OSAC's (Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils)Vision Statement: OSAC's (Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils) vision is that the arts are an integral part of the lives of Saskatchewan people.EnglishPresenters' network
Music PEIMusic PEI, founded in 2001 as the Prince Edward Island Music Awards Association, is a non-profit member services organization devoted to advancing careers of Island musicians and music industry professionals. Music PEI is actively seeking ways to promote, foster and develop artists and the music industry on PEI. The Association acts as an advocate for the Island music industry and a representative at the national table. Music PEI administers an annual Funding Program designed to encourage growth by providing financial assistance to the industry.EnglishAssociation - music, PEI
COPIBECLa Convention de Berne pour la protection des œuvres littéraires et artistiques est un traité international ratifié par 175 États. Administrée par l’Organisation mondiale de la propriété intellectuelle (OMPI), la Convention de Berne établit les principes fondamentaux que les États signataires doivent garantir dans leurs politiques et législations en matière de droits d’auteur.FrançaisDroit d'auteur - Convention de Berne, guide
BC Alliance for Arts and Culture#1 Ask Me Anything... About DiscoverabilityEnglishDiscoverability
Music OntarioMusicOntario is a non-profit, membership-based provincial Music Industry Association (MIA), whose mission is to provide professional development, education, information, and support to the music industry of Ontario. The association's mandate is to nurture, elevate, and empower emerging companies and artists in Ontario's indie music sector.EnglishAssociation - music, Ontario
International Standard Musical Work Code (ISWC)What is an ISWC? The ISWC (International Standard Musical Work Code) is a unique, permanent and internationally recognized reference number for the identification of musical works.EnglishData - ISWC

Western Arts Alliance (WAA)
Western Arts Alliance (WAA) is a membership association of touring and performing arts professionals engaged in promoting and presenting performing arts throughout the western states and provinces. Serving members since 1967, WAA’s annual booking conference and its year-round programs are essential for artists, artist managers, presenters, and other performing arts professionals in the west.EnglishAssociation - booking conference, US
Un avenir numérique lié (IANL)LA QUESTION DES MÉTADONNÉES EST DEVENUE UN DES ENJEUX LES PLUS URGENTS DU SECTEUR DES ARTS DE LA SCÈNE AU CANADA. Pour relever les défis qui accompagnent la transformation et l’apprentissage numérique, CAPACOA, l’Association canadienne des organismes artistiques, et ses partenaires ont entrepris l’initiative phare Un avenir numérique lié (ANL).FrançaisRéférence - métadonnées

The Mercat de Música Viva de Vic (MMVV)
The Mercat de Música Viva de Vic is a music industry event that takes place in Vic (Spain) and attracts a large number of audiences and professionals interested on top quality live music.EnglishAssociation - booking conference, Europe
ARTISTIARTISTI is a Collective Management Organization founded by Union des artistes in 1997 to protect, promote and defend the rights granted to performers in the Copyright Act. Its mission is to manage and distribute the royalties owed to performers as defined by the Copyright Act.EnglishPerforming rights organisation
SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music)SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music) is a non-profit non-trading entity owned and managed by its members according to the business model of a cooperative.EnglishPerforming rights organisation - France
La Fabrique culturelleUne plateforme numérique pour partager la culture de tout le Québec. La Fabrique culturelle est une plateforme numérique multi-formats produite par Télé-Québec. Elle offre une tribune unique et incontournable pour partager et faire rayonner le talent d’ici. Elle est le seul espace public collectif dédié à la culture, toutes disciplines et régions confondues. La Fabrique culturelle permet aussi aux citoyens passionnés de culture, ainsi qu’aux artistes et aux organismes culturels de se créer un espace de diffusion, où ils peuvent partager leur propre contenu.FrançaisPlateforme - numérique
Patrimoine canadien - Gouvernement du CanadaPatrimoine canadien et ses organismes du portefeuille jouent un rôle vital dans la vie culturelle, civique et économique des Canadiens. Les arts, la culture et le patrimoine représentent plus de 56 milliards de dollars en activité économique et emploient près de 655 000 personnes dans de nombreux secteurs d'activité tels que le film et la vidéo, la radiodiffusion, la musique, l'édition, les archives, les arts de la scène, les établissements du patrimoine, les festivals et les célébrations.FrançaisFinancement - subventions
mySCENAmaSCENA est une nouvelle plateforme web disponible en anglais et en français, publiée par La Scène musicale/The Music Scene (LSM), un organisme de bienfaisance consacré à la promotion de la musique et des arts depuis 1996.FrançaisMédia - maScena
AmazonAmazon Music est une plateforme de streaming de musique et un magasin de musique en ligne exploité par Amazon.FrançaisPlateforme - musique
WikidataWikidata est une base de connaissances libre éditée de manière collaborative et hébergée par la Wikimedia Foundation. Son contenu étant placé sous licence CCO, elle permet de centraliser les données utilisées par différents projets Wikimedia.FrançaisWikidata
L’événement des professionnels du spectacle et des acteurs culturelsL’événement des professionnels du spectacle et des acteurs culturels. Prochaine édition: 2022FrançaisAssociation - marché des arts de la scènes, Europe
NapsterNapster is an online music store and subscription service based in Seattle, Washington. Downloaded files come with restrictions on their use, enforced by Helix, Rhapsody's version of digital rights management enforced on AAC+ or WMA files.EnglishPlatform - music
LIVE DANS TON SALONLIVEDANSTONSALON est une plateforme spécialisée en production et diffusion de spectacles ainsi qu’en location d’équipement audiovisuel, de sonorisation, d’éclairage et multimédia. PROD2 SPECTACLES et ON STAGE AUDIOVISUEL sont les deux entreprises québécoises qui, en unissant leurs forces et leur savoir-faire, ont créé cette plateforme novatrice.FrançaisPlateforme - streaming
The Atlantic Presenters Association (APA)The Atlantic Presenters Association (APA) is the non-profit regional arts presenters' organization for the four Atlantic Provinces. We support the efforts of our members to enhance, promote, and facilitate diverse, high quality, live arts performances in a variety of disciplines, throughout our region as a means of integrating the arts as a vibrant and essential contributor to Atlantic Canada's quality of life.EnglishPresenters' network
Digital Music NewsA highly influential source of news and industry analysis for millions of readers worldwide. Our audience is comprised of highly-targeted decision-makers from every segment of the business, including recordings, publishing, streaming, live concerts, talent development, venture capital, and broader tech. (Based in Santa Monica, California)EnglishReference - general
Facebook LiveUn outil performant pour interagir avec votre audience ou vos abonnés en temps réel./FrançaisPlateforme - streaming
HypebotSince 2004, Hypebot has chronicled the new music industry and the trends and technologies that are changing how music is discovered, consumed, marketed and monetized.EnglishReference - general
Culture/numériQCguide de référenceFrançaisRéférence - métadonnées
EntandemEntandem is a joint venture between RE:SOUND and SOCAN, created to simplify the licensing process so you can play all the music you want in your business legally and ethically, ensuring that those who made the music are compensated.EnglishEntandem is a joint venture between RE:SOUND and SOCAN, created to simplify the licensing process so you can play all the music you want in your business legally and ethically, ensuring that those who made the music are compensated.
Fondation TrilliumLa Fondation Trillium — le nom originel de la FTO — a été formée le 17 novembre 1982 afin d’octroyer des subventions à des organismes de services sociaux dans les communautés de l’Ontario et était financée grâce aux loteries du gouvernement.FrançaisFinancement - subventions
Canada's anti-spam legislation (CASL)An Act to promote the efficiency and adaptability of the Canadian economy by regulating certain activities that discourage reliance on electronic means of carrying out commercial activities, and to amend the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Act, the Competition Act, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and the Telecommunications Act (S.C. 2010, c. 23)EnglishCASL - Legal
LANDRCrowdfunding for Musicians: How to Get Money For Your Next ProjectEnglishCrowdfunding
Site Web de la législation (Justice) Canada.caDroit d’auteur sur les prestations, enregistrements sonores et signaux de communication et droits moraux sur les prestationsFrançaisDroit d'auteur - Canada, enregistrement sonore
Ministère de Culture et Communications (Québec)Diverses vidéos, documents du Ministère de Culture et Communications (Québec)FrançaisRéférence - métadonnées, droit d'auteur
Shooting your videoPDF document with basic steps to followEnglishReference - Traininghttp://Shooting Your Video
The Hamilton Arts CouncilThe Hamilton Arts Council is one of many community arts councils operating throughout Ontario…. a list of other community arts councils throughout our province.EnglishFunding - reference, Ontario
The Manitoba Arts NetworkThe Manitoba Arts Network connects, showcases, and promotes visual and performing artists with communities across Manitoba. The Network is dedicated to connecting Manitoba’s communities to the arts.EnglishPresenters' network
Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS)Under the support of Ministry of Culture, Korea Arts Management Service has been hosting Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS) every October. The primary objects of PAMS are revitalization of rational distribution and exportation to international markets for Korean performing arts that based on diversified orientation and creation.EnglishAssociation - booking conference, Asia
EventbriteEventbrite is a global self-service ticketing platform for live experiences that allows anyone to create, share, find and attend events that fuel their passions and enrich their lives. From music festivals, marathons, conferences, community rallies, and fundraisers, to gaming competitions and air guitar contests. Our mission is to bring the world together through live experiences.EnglishPlatform - streaming
Orchestras CanadaOrchestras Canada helps orchestras achieve together what they cannot accomplish alone, serving Canadian orchestras in both official languages, through research, knowledge-sharing, convening, and advocacy.EnglishAssociation - orchestras
La MachinerieLa Machinerie mutualise des ressources, des outils et des expertises avec une approche diversifiée, personnalisée et inclusive. Par l’entremise de sa communauté, la Machinerie consolide et fait rayonner les aspirations artistiques et culturelles!FrançaisRéférence - Machinerie des arts
Digital Music NewsDigital Music News is the information authority for music industry and technology executives.EnglishMedia is the online music export office of the Canadian independent music industry.EnglishAssociation - trade
APEM (Professional Music Publishers’ Association)The Professional Music Publishers’ Association (Association des professionnels de l’édition musicale-APEM) represents francophone music publishers in Canada. Its members total 830 catalogues featuring 400 000 musical works.EnglishAssociation - Music Publishers
Artsdata.caA national knowledge graph for the arts: aims to empower the Canadian arts sector to actively promote a more fair and equitable digital ecosystem. This initiative is building a linked open data knowledge graph of the arts that is open and accessible to all.EnglishOpen data - linked
Ré:SonneRé:Sonne est la société canadienne à but non lucratif dédiée à obtenir une rémunération juste et équitable pour les artistes-interprètes et producteurs de disques pour leurs droits d’exécution.FrançaisLicences - Ré:Sonne
Opéra de MontréalGuide de bonnes pratiques sur les métadonnées préparé par l'Opéra de Montréal, en françaisFrançaisRéférence - métadonnées
Steam YardThe easiest way to create professional live streams StreamYard is a live streaming studio in your browser. Interview guests, share your screen, and much more. Stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms.EnglishLivestream - service
Réseau juridique du Québec (RJQ)La propriété intellectuelle (PI) en quelques mots.FrançaisPI - guide
TunecoreVENDRE VOTRE MUSIQUE DANS LE MONDEFrançaisDistribution - numérique
East Coast Music Association (ECMA)The East Coast Music Association (ECMA) is a regional collaboration of people in the music industry of Atlantic Canada. We are a registered non-profit association dedicated to the music of Atlantic Canada. Membership is open to all individuals working in any sector of the music industry or those who support the music industry. Membership includes musicians, artists, agents, managers, record companies, studios, media, related corporation and retailers. The ECMA currently has over 1,000 members.EnglishAssociation - booking conference
Creative CommonsCreative Commons is a nonprofit organization that helps overcome legal obstacles to the sharing of knowledge and creativity to address the world’s pressing challenges.EnglishLicensing - Creative Commons
WikipediaMoral rights are rights of creators of copyrighted works generally recognized in civil law jurisdictions and, to a lesser extent, in some common law jurisdictions.EnglishCopyright - moral rights
UDA (Union des Artistes)L’UDA représente les artistes professionnels œuvrant en français au Québec et ailleurs au Canada…La mission de l'UDA : défendre les intérêts sociaux, économiques et moraux de ses membres, qui sont pour la plupart des travailleurs autonomes. Au cœur de ses activités : négocier des conditions minimales de travail et de rémunération des artistes dans les secteurs de sa compétence et assurer le respect des ententes collectives.FrançaisSyndicat, chanteurs
PrimephonicPrimephonic est une start-up américano-néerlandaise fondée par une équipe de passionnés avec l'ambition de créer un meilleur avenir pour la musique classique en développant enfin un service de streaming qui comprend les besoins du genre.FrançaisPlateforme - streaming
InPlayerWith nearly a decade of experience in online payments, InPlayer is the world’s leading pay-per-view and subscription solution. Built to scale global streams and offerings, InPlayer is powering content owners profitability while maintaining a seamless experience for the end-user.EnglishPlatform - pay-per-view
The MachineryThe Machinery’s Toolbox contains more than 200 practical and strategic tools (85 with English content) designed to improve management of artistic projects and cultural organizations. It provides professional frameworks for planning, organization and simplified management in the area of culture. The purpose of the tools is to improve and facilitate quality of work through templates, guides, outlines and methods for immediate application to specific work situations.English
L’événement des professionnels du spectacle et des acteurs culturelsL’événement des professionnels du spectacle et des acteurs culturels. The site does not seem to be available in English. Next edition:2022EnglishAssociation - booking conference, Europe
Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC)The S.A.C. is a friendly community of songwriters here to support each other in the creative journey. We also advocate on behalf of songwriters to protect the value of our work.EnglishAssociation - songwriters
YoopYoop crée un environment équitable pour donner le pouvoir aux fans et créateurs. Nous innovons pour eux! Les vieilles pratiques de l'industrie de la billetterie, avec les revendeurs et les robots, sont déplorables — trop d'abus envers les fans et trop peu de valeur retournée aux créateurs.FrançaisPlateforme - streaming
LA TimesThe experiences of a concert pianist with streaming during the pandemic.EnglishReference - general
Quebec Music Teachers' Association (QMTA)The Quebec Music Teachers' Association is incorporated as a non-profit organization grouping mainly private music teachers. Its members also include many teachers of college, conservatories, and universities. QMTA teachers also benefit from membership within the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Associations, which serves as the umbrella organization for music teachers’ associations in ten Canadian provinces and one territory. The aim of the QMTA is to encourage and provide the highest calibre of music education possible and to promote high standards of music in each community of the province of Quebec.EnglishAssociation - music teachers
StreetJellyMusicians performing live by webcam for tips. Also known as Online Busking! Think of it this way, it's self-broadcasting meets micro-donations meets musicians.EnglishPlatform - streaming
MROC – Musicians’ Rights Organization Canada (Organisation des droits des musiciens du Canada)MROC – Musicians’ Rights Organization Canada (Organisation des droits des musiciens du Canada) est une société canadienne de gestion des droits des musiciens sans but lucratif, constituée en vertu d’une loi fédérale, dont le mandat principal consiste à percevoir et à distribuer des redevances aux musiciens et aux chanteurs. La MROC distribue aux artistes-interprètes la part des redevances pour droits voisins et copies privées qui leur revient. Ces redevances proviennent essentiellement de la diffusion et de l’exécution publique de leurs enregistrements sonores au titre de divers tarifs homologués par la Commission du droit d’auteur du Canada. Notre organisation représente plus de 10,000 musiciens, artistes de studio et artistes vedettes, dont les enregistrements englobent toute la gamme des genres musicaux.FrançaisSociété de gestion collective
ArtsNBConseil des arts provinciaux ou territoriaux - NBFrançaisFinancement - subventions
ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists)ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists) is the national union of over 27,000 professional performers working in English-language recorded media in Canada, including TV, film, radio and digital media. We are actors, recording artists, comedians, announcers, stunt co-ordinators and performers, dancers, narrators, voice performers, hosts, choreographers, models, singers, background performers, puppeteers and more.EnglishUnion - singers
Medici.tvLeader mondial de la musique classique en vidéo sur internet créé en 2008, propose un accès privilégié au meilleur de la musique classique aux mélomanes du monde entier.FrançaisPlateforme - vidéo
TwitchTwitch est un service de streaming vidéo en direct et de VAD. Le site se concentre principalement sur la diffusion en direct de jeux vidéo, mais il se diversifie désormais.FrançaisPlateforme - streaming
BandzoogleBlog full of information on everything from best drummer websites to essential online marketing tools.EnglishReference - various
Sodrac.caLa gestion collective – introductionFrançaisRéférence - la gestion collective
CDBaby | DIY MusicianAs a musician, you should be collecting money from MANY income streams. Do you know what they are?EnglishMonetisation
Prairie DebutFor over 20 years, Prairie Debut has linked Canadian classical musicians and world music artists to over 80 mostly rural communities in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon.EnglishPresenters' network
DeezerDeezer (stylized as deezer) is a French online music streaming service. It allows users to listen to music content from record labels, including Universal Music Group, Sony Music and Warner Music Group (owned by Deezer's parent company Access Industries) as well as podcasts on various devices online or offline.EnglishPlatform - music
Office de la propriété intellectuelle du Canada (OPIC)L'Office de la propriété intellectuelle du Canada (OPIC) est un organisme de service spécial d'Innovation, Sciences et Développement économique Canada. Nous offrons des services de propriété intellectuelle (PI) au Canada et sensibilisons les Canadiens à l'utilisation efficace de la PI.FrançaisPI - OPIC
Conseil des arts d’Ottawa (le Conseil)Le Conseil des arts d’Ottawa (le Conseil) est une organisation de service bilingue qui promeut et développe les arts à Ottawa et fait valoir ses priorités.FrançaisFinancement - prix
iwanttoshowcase.comConference Showcasing Applications Made Easy The paper forms are gone! The I Want To Showcase partner conferences present an easier way to apply for showcasing opportunities. Performing artists can apply to over a dozen major Performing Arts conferences across North America.EnglishShowcase
Canadian Private Copying Collective (CPCC)Established in 1999, the Canadian Private Copying Collective (CPCC) is a non-profit umbrella organization responsible for collecting and distributing private copying levies on behalf of its member collectives (CMRRA, SOCAN, and Re:Sound). Since 1999, CPCC has distributed over $300 million to over 100,000 songwriters, composers, music publishers, recording artists, musicians and record companies.EnglishPerforming rights organisation
Sessions LiveSessions is a music-only live streaming platform, featuring virtual concerts from hundreds of global musicians.EnglishLivestream - service
VimeoVimeo est un site web communautaire destiné au partage et au visionnage de vidéos faites par les utilisateurs, le site a été lancé en novembre 2004. Vimeo est une filiale du groupe américain IAC (InterActiveCorp). Le bouton pour avoir le site en français (trois petits points …) se trouve en bas et à droiteFrançaisPlateforme - vidéo
Music-OntarioCanada Royalties GuideEnglishReference - royalty guide
Linked Digital Future initiative (LDF)To address the challenges that come with digital literacy and transformation, CAPACOA, the Canadian Arts Presenting Association, and partners are undertaking a flagship initiative called the Linked Digital Future initiative (LDF).EnglishWikidata
7 Digital CanadaLa boutique 7digital vous offre un catalogue de plus de 30 millions de titres pour rechercher, écouter et acheter vos musiques préférées.FrançaisPlateforme - musique

"Entreprendre dans les industries culturelles à l'ère du numérique" Conçu par l’École d’affaires publiques en partenariat avec le ministère de la Culture, ce Mooc s’adresse à tous ceux qui souhaitent se lancer dans l’entrepreneuriat culturel. 8 séances, cours destiné à un large public. Deux versions disponibles sur la plateforme Coursera : en français et en anglais.FrançaisFormation

As the world’s largest music and audio platform, SoundCloud lets people discover and enjoy the greatest selection of music from the most diverse creator community on earth. Since launching in 2008, the platform has become renowned for its unique content and features, including the ability to share music and connect directly with artists, as well as unearth breakthrough tracks, raw demos, podcasts and more. This is made possible by an open platform that directly connects creators and their fans across the globe. Music and audio creators use SoundCloud to both share and monetise their content with a global audience, as well as receive detailed stats and feedback from the SoundCloud community.EnglishPlatform - music
LivetouneLa plate-forme revampée Livetoune propose donc plusieurs services regroupés sous une même entité, soit une billetterie en ligne, la captation d’évènements (spectacles, formations, conférences, webinaires ou autres), la diffusion de ces évènements en ligne en direct avec un accès unique pour les détenteurs de billets ainsi que la promotion numérique des évènements. Livetoune a également signé un partenariat avec GCIA Évènements, qui propose un studio entièrement équipé pour des besoins de captations. Les services proposés par Livetoune peuvent être pris en globalité ou séparément, selon les besoins. Cette initiative pourra continuer lors de la reprise de spectacles en salle en permettant aux diffuseurs de réaliser des formules hybrides en salle/virtuelles.FrançaisPlateforme - streaming
Canadian Federation of MusiciansWe are the Canadian Federation of Musicians, an organized constituency of Locals of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada, professional musicians united through our Locals.EnglishUnion
MusicBrainzMusicBrainz is an open music encyclopedia that collects music metadata and makes it available to the public.EnglishMetadata - MusicBrainz
MusicOntarioMusicOntario is a non-profit, membership-based provincial Music Industry Association (MIA), whose mission is to provide professional development, education, information, and support to the music industry of Ontario. The association's mandate is to nurture, elevate, and empower emerging companies and artists in Ontario's indie music sector.EnglishAssociation - trade
WikipediaMetadata is "data that provides information about other data". In other words, it is "data about data". Many distinct types of metadata exist, including descriptive metadata, structural metadata, administrative metadata, reference metadata and statistical metadata.EnglishMetadata - general
Roots MusicTech Tips and Tricks for Successful Livestreaming from Folk Alliance Webinar Recording by Roots Music CanadaEnglishLivestream - tips
Conseil québécois des arts médiatiques (CQAM)Le CQAM (Conseil québécois des arts médiatiques) regroupe, représente et valorise les artistes professionnels indépendants, les travailleurs culturels et les organismes se consacrant aux arts médiatiques.FrançaisAssociation - CQAM
International Standard Recording Code (ISRC)The ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is the international identification system for sound recordings and music video recordings. Each ISRC is a unique and permanent identifier for a specific recording, independent of the format on which it appears (CD, audio file, etc.), or the rights owners involved. Only one ISRC should be issued for a recording, and an ISRC can never represent more than one unique recording. ISRCs are generally assigned to sound recordings by the sound recording copyright owner (“Rights Owner”) at the time of recording or commercial release.EnglishData - ISRC
The Ottawa Music Industry Coalition (OMIC)THE OTTAWA MUSIC INDUSTRY COALITION (OMIC) IS DEDICATED TO MAKING OTTAWA A GREAT PLACE TO PLAY MUSIC, WORK IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY, AND BE A MUSIC FAN. We are a member-based non-profit organization that works to grow the local music industry for the benefit of our members and the city as a whole. We are committed to bringing together artists, music businesses, venues, festivals and local businesses together to work towards common goals.EnglishAssociation - trade
Dacast.comIn this post, we will cover everything you need to know about choosing a video paywall. We will start by going through the basics of video monetization before diving into specific paywall use cases. We’ll weigh different options for structuring video monetization, and help you choose the best paywall solutions for your needs.EnglishPaywall - guide
VevoThe world’s largest all-premium music video provider, offering artists a global platform with enormous scale through its distribution partners. Vevo connects artists with their audience globally via music videos and original content, working directly with them to find unique ways to bring their music to life. Vevo also works with emerging artists, providing them with a platform of global scale and reach, to find and grow their audience.EnglishPlatform - streaming
ArtsdataUn graphe de connaissances national pour les arts: vise à donner au secteur des arts du Canada la possibilité d’optimiser des données ouvertes liées et à promouvoir activement un écosystème numérique plus juste et équitable. Cette initiative procède à la construction d’un graphe de connaissances pour les arts qui soit lisible par machine, ouvert et accessible à tout le monde.FrançaisDonnées ouvertes
COPIBECCopyright Act overviewEnglishCopyright - Canada, overview
Gouvernement du Canada - Site wed de la législation (Justice)Loi visant à promouvoir l’efficacité et la capacité d’adaptation de l’économie canadienne par la réglementation de certaines pratiques qui découragent l’exercice des activités commerciales par voie électronique et modifiant la Loi sur le Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des télécommunications canadiennes, la Loi sur la concurrence, la Loi sur la protection des renseignements personnels et les documents électroniques et la Loi sur les télécommunications (L.C. 2010, ch. 23)FrançaisLCAP - Léga
SpotifyWith Spotify, it’s easy to find the right music or podcast for every moment – on your phone, your computer, your tablet and more.EnglishPlatform - streaming
DistroKidDistroKid is the easiest way for musicians to get music into Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, TikTok, YouTube, and more.EnglishDistribution - digital
La Guilde des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec (GMMQ)La Guilde des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec (GMMQ) a pour mission de faire reconnaitre la valeur de la musique ainsi que la contribution indispensable des musiciens professionnels à la société en représentant et en défendant leurs intérêts artistiques, sociaux et économiques.FrançaisSyndicat
Musique et film ManitobaMusique et film Manitoba est le moteur de l’engagement de la province envers la création, la croissance et l’intendance d’un secteur dynamique dans lequel les créateurs de contenu, les producteurs entrepreneuriaux, les techniciens qualifiés, les artistes talentueux et les fournisseurs attentifs aux besoins de l’industrie s’épanouissent en collaborant sur des contenus créatifs faits au Manitoba et destinés à un public mondial. En tant qu’instrument de développement économique, Musique et film Manitoba est un catalyseur de l’investissement étranger.FrançaisAssociation - film et musique, Manitoba
MusiCountsMusiCounts is Canada’s music education charity and is affiliated with CARAS and the JUNO Awards. MusiCounts builds accessible and sustainable music programs for in-need schools and communities across Canada by providing musical instruments, equipment, and resources.EnglishAssociation - education
Conseil québécois de la musique (CQM)The Conseil québécois de la musique (CQM) promotes cohesion, recognition, development and defence of the interests of the Québec music environment.EnglishAssociation - music, Québec
Linked Digital Future initiative (LDF)Tout ce que vous voulez savoir sur WIKIDATA en neuf ateliers ! Dans le cadre du projet «Un avenir numérique lié pour les arts de la scène», CAPACOA et le Conseil québécois du théâtre (CQT) vous invitent à participer à un effort collectif visant à enrichir la base de connaissances internationale qu’est Wikidata.FrançaisWikidata
BC Alliance for Arts and CultureThis Ask me Anything session was all about social media. Learn how a small team or a one-person operation can create and deliver on a simple social media plan, using free tools to optimize your content.EnglishSocial media
Ontario Music Investment Fund (OMIF)The Ontario Music Investment Fund (OMIF) is designed to provide targeted economic development investment to the province’s vibrant and diverse music industry. OMIF supports Ontario music companies with strong growth potential to maximize return on investment (ROI), and create more opportunities for emerging artists to record and perform in Ontario.EnglishFunding - OMIF
CARASCARAS’ mandate is to promote and celebrate Canadian music and artists.EnglishAssociation - awards
Music Canada LiveMusic Canada Live est la voix de l’industrie du spectacle musical au Canada, mettant de l’avant et faisant la promotion de ses nombreux bénéfices économiques, sociaux et culturels. Fondée en 2014 afin de défendre la mission collective de l’industrie du spectacle musical, Music Canada Live est une ressource spécialisée pour ses membres, qui incluent des promoteurs de concerts, des festivals, des diffuseurs, des salles de spectacles, des agents, des compagnies de billetterie, des associations professionnelles et des fournisseurs. Les efforts de revendication de Music Canada Live portent sur l’avancement des politiques, le financement, la sensibilisation du public, la recherche, et les activités qui unissent, accentuent et galvanisent le travail du secteur de la musique en spectacle.FrançaisAssociation - musique "live"
Open Broadcaster Software ProjectOpen broadcast system Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.EnglishSoftware - open source, video streaming
World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)The WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty (WPPT) deals with the rights of two kinds of beneficiaries, particularly in the digital environment: (i) performers (actors, singers, musicians, etc.), and (ii) producers of phonograms (persons or legal entities that take the initiative and have the responsibility for the fixation of sounds).EnglishCopyright - WPPT
The Public Place NetworkThe Public Place Network is a robust online Over-the_top (OTT) platform that provides this vital voice to members of our communities whose stories and messages have been under-represented by traditional media.EnglishPlatform - music
WikidataWikidata is a free and open knowledge base that can be read and edited by both humans and machines. Wikidata acts as central storage for the structured data of its Wikimedia sister projects including Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Wiktionary, Wikisource, and others.EnglishWikidata
BC Alliance for Arts and CultureAdrian Jones takes us through the steps of building a website: registering a domain, deciding on the best host/server specs for your needs, handling emails and whether you should use a website builder, content management system or hire a designer and/or developer – and more.EnglishWebsite - creating
International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC)CISAC – the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers – is the world’s leading network of authors’ societies.EnglishAssociation - copyright
CapterraUn logiciel d'évènements virtuels permet aux entreprises de poursuivre leurs programmes d'évènements et de conférences virtuellement avec des outils de streaming en direct, visibles sur plusieurs appareils. Cet outil vous permet également de préparer un évènement hybride, c'est-à-dire un évènement à la fois physique et virtuel.FrançaisLogiciels - évènements, comparaison
Independent Distribution & Licensing Agency (IDLA)Twenty leading independent labels founded IDLA in 2007 to provide independent labels and artists efficient and economic digital asset delivery to digital music services, and royalty collection and administration through an organization whose financial interests are directly aligned with its independent artists and label members. Today IDLA remains 100% independent owned and is not affiliated with any major label affiliated distribution companies, private equity groups, or tech companies.EnglishDistribution - digital, Performing rights organisation
Manitoba Arts CouncilProvincial or territorial arts councilEnglishFunding - grants
Canadian Intellectual Property OfficeA guide to copyright, from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. This guide explores what copyright is, the process for registering copyrights in Canada and the benefits of registration.EnglishCopyright - guide
Music YukonLa Ligue canadienne des compositeurs (LCC) défend les intérêts des compositeurs canadiens. Grâce à des partenariats de même qu’à notre travail de sensibilisation et de développement professionnel, nous rassemblons les compositeurs pour bâtir avec eux un milieu qui soutient et valorise leur musique.FrançaisAssociation - compositeurs
Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings (FACTOR)FACTOR (the Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings) is a public/private partnership that supports the production of sound recordings by Canadian musicians and helps Canadian music companies make recordings available to a wider public.EnglishFunding - FACTOR
Ottawa Arts Council (the Council)The Ottawa Arts Council (the Council) is a bilingual service organization that advances, promotes and advocates for the arts in Ottawa.EnglishFunding - awards
Ontario PresentsOntario Presents is a province-wide network of performing arts touring and presenting organizations that work collaboratively to facilitate an equitable distribution of live, diverse performing arts shows – and their engagement with all citizens – into communities across Ontario.EnglishPresenters' network
Organisation Mondiale de la Propriété Intellectuelle (OMPI)L’OMPI est l'instance mondiale chargée des services, des politiques, de l'information et de la coopération en matière de propriété intellectuelle. Nous sommes une institution des Nations Unies financièrement autonome comprenant 193 États membres.FrançaisPI - OMPI
Calgary Arts DevelopmentAs the city’s designated arts development authority, Calgary Arts Development supports and strengthens the arts to benefit all Calgarians. We invest and allocate municipal funding for the arts provided by The City of Calgary and leverage these funds to provide additional resources to the arts sector. Our programs support hundreds of arts organizations, individual artists, artist collectives, and ad hoc groups in Calgary.EnglishFunding - grants
Manitoba MusicManitoba Music is the hub of Manitoba’s vibrant music community and is a member-based, not-for-profit industry association representing over 750 members in all facets of the music industry, including artists and bands, studios, agents, managers, songwriters, venues, promoters, producers, and beyond. Manitoba Music serves all genres, from rock to roots, hip hop to hardcore, country to classical, and everything in between.EnglishFunding - reference, Manitoba
Royalty ExchangeMuch useful information including a guide to music financing and music royalties guide.EnglishReference - royalties
IO TechnologiesPaywalls: Are they effective?EnglishPaywall - guide
Culture/numériQCguide de référenceFrançaisRéférence - lexique
Guide d'utilisation de la musiquee Guide d’utilisation de la musique est un portail Web gratuit qui vise à offrir les ressources utiles quant à l’utilisation de musique dans différents contextes: vidéos, balados, radio, série Web, dans un commerce, etc.FrançaisLicences - guide
Le point de Venteévénements virtuels, billetterie intégréeFrançaisPlateforme - streaming
Formations de l'ADISQLes formations et les programmes s'adressent aux professionnels du domaine de la musique - voir le site pour les détails.FrançaisFormation
Manitoba MusicManitoba Music is the hub of Manitoba’s vibrant music community and is a member-based, not-for-profit industry association representing over 750 members in all facets of the music industry, including artists and bands, studios, agents, managers, songwriters, venues, promoters, producers, and beyond. Manitoba Music serves all genres, from rock to roots, hip hop to hardcore, country to classical, and everything in between.EnglishReference - blogs
Canadian Dance AssemblyCanadian Dance Assembly - CAPACOA The Law and Live Streaming.mp4EnglishLegal - streaming
DacastTop 16 Live Streaming Platforms: Everything You Need to Know [2021 Update]EnglishPlatform - streaming
RÉ:SONNE et SOCANEntandem est une coentreprise de RÉ:SONNE et SOCAN créée afin de simplifier le processus pour obtenir la licence qu’il vous faut pour jouer de manière légale et éthique toute la musique que vous souhaitez dans votre entreprise tout en vous assurant que ses créateurs sont rémunérés.FrançaisSociété de gestion collective
Canada Council for the ArtsWe're proud to be Canada’s public arts funder. We champion and invest in artistic excellence through our grants, services, prizes and payments to Canadian artists and arts organizations.EnglishFunding - grants
PAN M 360PAN M 360 est à la fois un média de référence et une plateforme collaborative destinée à l’entière communauté de la musique : mélomanes, étudiants en musique, créateurs, interprètes, chanteurs, rappers, beatmakers, réalisateurs, producteurs, éditeurs, musicologues, historiens, économistes de la culture.FrançaisPlateforme - streaming
Arts NorthwestArts Northwest strives to be a premier performing arts service organization in the Western United States.EnglishAssociation - booking conference, US
CINARSCINARS est un organisme de services à but non lucratif ayant pour mission de favoriser et soutenir l’exportation des arts de la scène québécois et canadiens.FrançaisAssociation - marché des arts de la scènes
BillboardBillboard calendar of streaming concertsEnglishCalendar - livestreams
Linked Digital FutureDigital Literacy Resources, several levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced as well as practical tools/applicationsEnglishMetadata - reference
Music Managers Forum Canada (MMF Canada)Music Managers Forum Canada (MMF Canada) is a non-profit trade association and is one of many such associations around the world. We offer education, networking and advocacy on behalf of our members, their artists, and the wider Canadian music community. We aim to be the go-to source for Canadian artists and managers on issues related to music management in Canada and around the world. As the management sector’s voice in the industry, the MMF Canada acts as advocates to various levels of the government on behalf of its members on key issues that affect managers and their artists. Our members come from across Canada and work in various genres at a range of levels including self-managed artists, new managers and highly experienced managers representing some of the largest acts in Canada. We work collaboratively with strategic partners within the larger music community to offer workshops, webinars and other programming that allows our members to connect with each other while developing their management skills and industry knowledge.EnglishAssociation - managers, music
Canadian Live Music AssociationThe Canadian Live Music Association is the voice of Canada’s vibrant live music industry, working to advance and promote its many economic, social and cultural benefits. Founded in 2014 as a champion for the collective mission of the live music industry, the Canadian Live Music Association is an expert resource for members, including concert promoters, festivals, presenters, venues, agents, ticketing companies, industry associations and suppliers. Advocacy efforts focus on policy advancement, funding, public awareness, research, and activities that unite, highlight and galvanize the work of the live music sector.EnglishAssociation - live music
Organisation Mondiale de la Propriété Intellectuelle (OMPI)L’OMPI est l'instance mondiale chargée des services, des politiques, de l'information et de la coopération en matière de propriété intellectuelle. Nous sommes une institution des Nations Unies financièrement autonome comprenant 193 États membres.FrançaisPI - WIPO
TopekaInteractive ticketed events that connect you with your favorite artists and fan communities, including our Front Row Experience, Face-to-face connections with the creators who inspire youEnglishPlatform - music
Pink LarkinChip Sutherland, an Entertainment Lawyer with Pink Larkin and Manager to musical acts such as Feist and Sloan, is the author of the newly released Canadian Edition of All You Need to Know About the Music Business with Donald Passman. The book is a must-read for anyone involved in the music industry in Canada – from emerging artists to manager to record company executives. The book has long been recognized as the “Musicians’ Bible” in the United States, and now the Canadian Edition contains important information for the Canadian market. You can learn more about available grants and bursaries, important regulations and how to navigate both the domestic and international marketplaces.EnglishReference - All You Need to Know About the Music Business
Canadian Organization of Campus Activities (COCA)We’re the organization that focuses on improving and constantly enhancing student-life on post-secondary campuses from across the nation. The heartbeat of COCA (Canadian Organization of Campus Activities) is connecting students with industry experts, as well as the associates that live and breathe campus events, marketing, clubs, and professional development. If you work for a student association from BC to Newfoundland, we are the organization you need to connect with.EnglishAssociation - booking conference
COPIBECThe Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works is an international treaty ratified by 175 countries and administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The Convention sets out the basic principles that the signatory states must guarantee in their copyright policies and legislation.EnglishCopyright - Berne Convention
The Trillium FoundationThe Trillium Foundation—as OTF was originally called—was formed on November 17, 1982 to provide grants to social service organizations in Ontario communities and was funded through government lotteries.EnglishFunding - grants
The Musicians’ Rights Organization Canada (MROC)The Musicians’ Rights Organization Canada (MROC) is a Canadian federally incorporated not-for-profit organization whose primary objective is to collect and distribute royalties to musicians and vocalists. MROC distributes the performer’s share of neighbouring rights and private copying royalties. These royalties primarily flow from the broadcast and public performance of sound recordings and are based on tariffs approved by the Copyright Board of Canada. MROC represents more than 10,000 musicians, from session players to featured artists, recording across the full range of genres.EnglishPerforming rights organisation
The Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP)The Association of Performing Arts Professionals is the national service, advocacy and membership organization for the live performing arts field. APAP is dedicated to developing and supporting a robust performing arts presenting, booking and touring industry and the professionals who work within it.EnglishAssociation - booking conference, US
DacastHow to Stream Live Video Over the Internet: Best Practices for 2021EnglishPlatform - streaming
Association des professionnels de l'édition musicale (APEM)L’Association des professionnels de l'édition musicale (APEM) représente les éditeurs musicaux québécois et francophones au Canada. Nos membres contrôlent 830 maisons d’édition comportant 400 000 œuvres musicales. L’APEM travaille à faire valoir les droits et intérêts des éditeurs musicaux, ainsi que ceux des auteurs et des compositeurs qu’ils représentent.FrançaisÉdition - musique
TiingTiing est un site de financement participatif canadien (basé au Québec à Montréal), qui propose une solution de “paiement participatif” visant à simplifier la collecte d’argent à plusieurs. Tiing assure la sécurité de ses transactions grâce à ses partenaires Stripe et la Banque RBC.FrançaisFinancement participatif
Organisation mondiale de la propriété intellectuelle (OMPI)Questions fréquemment posées sur le droit d’auteurFrançaisDroit d'auteur - FAQ
MusicDiffusion®MusicDiffusion® is a pure player music distribution, promotion, publishing and licensing platform for independent artists and music labels. Our online services proudly help thousands musicians each day to distribute and promote their music, while collecting their royalties.EnglishDistribution - digital
Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA)For us it is important that no matter who you are, Fortune 500, Celebrity, Indy artist, Joe or Joanne Citizen or a dentist with a blog, you can get the content protection help and support you need. Equally important, no matter what your budget, you can get the service you need to protect your content and enforce your ownership.EnglishLegal - law firm, US
The Canadian League of Composers (CLC)The Canadian League of Composers (CLC) serves the interests of Canada's art music composers. Through advocacy, communication and partnerships, the CLC upholds and nurtures a favourable artistic, social, political and economic environment for its members and their work.EnglishAssociation - composers
Music CanadaMusic Canada is a non-profit trade organization founded in 1964 that promotes the interests of its members as well as their partners, the artists.EnglishAssociation - trade
La Guilde des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec (GMMQ)The mission of the Guilde des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec (GMMQ) is to recognize the value of music and the indispensable contribution of professional musicians to our society by representing and defending their artistic, social and economic interests.EnglishUnion

Objectif Scène
Objectif Scène est un organisme à but non lucratif qui regroupe les diffuseurs professionnels des arts de la scène reconnus dans la région de Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean pour représenter et défendre leurs intérêts, promouvoir la diffusion des arts de la scène et offrir des services aux diffuseurs membres.FrançaisRéseau de diffusion
Code international normalisé pour les œuvres musicales (ISWC)Qu'est-ce qu'un ISWC ? L'ISWC (International Standard Musical Work Code, ou Code international normalisé pour les œuvres musicales) est un numéro de référence unique, permanent et internationalement reconnu permettant l'identification des œuvres musicales.FrançaisDonnées - ISWC
Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM)Connecting contemporary Australian theatre, dance, emerging and experimental art with national and international opportunities.EnglishAssociation - booking conference, US
TikTokTikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video. Our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy.EnglishSocial media
Sodrac.caL’écosystème des sociétés de gestion collectiveFrançaisRéférence - la gestion collective, écosystème
Scene ProAgir comme source ouverte de données structurées sur laquelle pourra s’appuyer l’ensemble du secteur des arts de la scène. À terme, Scène Pro permettra aux artistes, producteurs, diffuseurs et gestionnaires de salles de coordonner les différentes opérations menant à la programmation des spectacles.FrançaisPlateforme - numérique, données ouvertes
DacastLive Streaming & Video Hosting PlatformEnglishPlatform - streaming
MusicactionUne organisation à but non lucratif, Musicaction encourage le développement de la musique en soutenant la production et la commercialisation d’enregistrements sonores ainsi que les activités de promotion collective. Les programmes de Musicaction sont conçus pour répondre aux besoins de la production musicale indépendante, à l’intérieur de laquelle sont produits la majorité des albums des artistes francophones à travers le pays. Règle générale, près de 80 % de ses ressources sont dévolues à la musique vocale francophone et 20 % aux autres genres musicaux.FrançaisFinancement - Musicaction
Folk Alliance InternationalFOLK ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL is an arts nonprofit founded in 1989 to connect folk music leaders aiming to sustain the community and genre worldwide. The organization’s expanded global network now includes more than 3,000 members, a worldwide community of cultural sector entrepreneurs and leaders that includes artists, record companies, publishers, presenters, agents, managers, arts administrators, diplomats, and more.EnglishAssociation - folk music
Centre national des artsCalendrier fourni par le Centre national des arts: Francophone, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Hip-hop, Folklorique, Roots, CountryFrançaisCalendrier
CrowdcastWe envision a world where anyone can make a living by doing what they love and sharing their ideas.EnglishPlatform - streamingPlatform - streaming
Donne ta musiqueMarc-André Laporte a combiné ses passions pour le Web, la musique et le marketing en créant le blogue de stratégies musicales il y a dix ans. Depuis, il partage ses connaissances à titre d'auteur, de formateur et de conférencier. Aux commandes du virage web de la station de radio universitaire CISM 89,3 FM, il a ensuite été à la tête du marketing chez Urbania. Il œuvre aujourd'hui au poste de directeur marketing du département numérique chez Québecor où il se concentre sur le développement d’auditoire et de marques.FrançaisMarketing
Groover: Fais la promotion
de ta musique
avec succès
Une nouvelle façon de promouvoir ta musique. Envoie ta musique aux médias et labels de ton choix, écoute et retours garantis.FrançaisDistribution - numérique
SaskMusicSaskMusic is a non-profit association that stimulates growth and development in the commercial music industry of Saskatchewan through leadership, promotion, training, advocacy and partnership. SaskMusic offer programming including career consultations, workshops, marketing, legal services, funding assistance, artist listings, export assistance, networking opportunities and much more. It represents the four components of our industry: creative, interpretive, technical and administrative. Their artists and music professionals hail from across the province, and work in pretty much every genre you can imagine. SaskMusic is a source of information and resources for both the public, and the music industry.EnglishAssociation - music, Saskatchewan
LANDRLANDR is the creative platform for musicians: AI-powered music mastering, distribution, plugins, collaboration, promotion and sample packs.EnglishDistribution - digital
Cultural Industries Ontario NorthCultural Industries Ontario North is dedicated to advancing the development and promotion of Northern Ontario’s music, film, television, and digital media industries, to attract investment in film and television industry projects and create new revenue opportunities for Northern Ontario communities, artists and production professionals.EnglishAssociation - music, Northern Ontario
Collective Societies | Copyright Board of CanadaA collective society is an organization that administers the rights of several copyright owners. It can grant permission to use their works and set the conditions for that use. Collective management is widespread in Canada, particularly for music performance rights, reprography and mechanical reproduction rights. Some collective societies are affiliated with foreign societies whose members they represent in Canada.EnglishPerforming rights organisation
Coalition de l'industrie de la musique d'Ottawa (CIMO)La Coalition de l'industrie de la musique d'Ottawa (CIMO) est un organisme à but non lucratif bilingue ayant pour but de faire croître et prospérer l'industrie musicale locale, aux profits de ses membres et de la ville dans son ensemble. La CIMO rassemble des artistes, des entreprises reliées au monde musical, des propriétaires de salles de spectacles, des festivals et diverses entreprises locales.FrançaisAssociation - professionnelle
Women in Music Canada (WIMC)Women in Music Canada (WIMC) is a registered non-profit organization and one of the largest music industry associations in Canada. The organization is dedicated to fostering gender equality in the music industry through the support and advancement of female identifying professionals and creatives at every stage of their career. The goal is to strengthen the social-economic balance of the music industry by providing professional development, support and resources for our community.EnglishAssociation - women in music
SessionsLiveSessions is a music-only live streaming platform, featuring virtual concerts from hundreds of global musicians.EnglishPlatform - streaming
International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI)ISNI (International Standard Name Identifier) is the ISO certified global standard number for identifying the millions of contributors to creative works and those active in their distribution, including researchers, inventors, writers, artists, visual creators, performers, producers, publishers, aggregators, and more. As ISO 27729, it is part of a family of international standard identifiers that includes identifiers of works, recordings, products and right holders in all repertoires, e.g. DOI, ISAN, ISBN, ISRC, ISSN, and ISWC.EnglishData - ISNI
PatreonPatreon permet aux créateurs de créer leur plate-forme d'abonnement et leur donne les outils dont ils ont besoin pour attirer, gérer et motiver les contributeurs payants. Grâce à un modèle de paiement basé sur des abonnements, les fans versent à leurs créateurs préférés une contribution mensuelle de leur choix, en échange d'un accès exclusif, de contenu supplémentaire ou d'un aperçu des coulisses de leur parcours créatif.FrançaisFinancement participatif
CapterraUn logiciel de billetterie gère et automatise la billetterie en ligne, les bornes et les guichets pour les événements spéciaux, les théâtres, les festivals, les foires, les voyages et autres activités. Il permet de gérer les sélections de sièges, les événements, les données des exposants, les affectations et les emplacements des intervenants, ainsi que le traitement des paiements en ligne et sur site. Il intègre souvent d'autres processus métiers tels que le contrôle des stocks et des transactions, l'historique de traitement des commandes et le suivi des ventes. Voir aussi : logiciel de gestion des événements, logiciel d'inscription et logiciel pour borne interactive.FrançaisLogiciels - billetterie, comparaison
DigitalASO / OSANumériquesInitiated in 2016, DigitalASO / OSANumériques is a cross-sectoral effort with a five-year mandate to empower the digital transformation of Canadian arts services through digital literacy research, training, alliance- and platform-building.EnglishTransformation - digital
Conseil québécois des arts médiatiques (CQAM)CQAM’s (Conseil québécois des arts médiatiques) mission is to ensure the defence, promotion and representation of independent professional media artists, cultural workers and centres dedicated to media arts.EnglishAssociation - CQAM
APEMUsing existing piece of music, with or without sound recordingsEnglishLicensing - guide
TikTokTikTok est la meilleure destination pour les vidéos mobiles au format court. Notre mission est d'inspirer la créativité et d'apporter la joie.FrançaisMédia social
Music CanadaLinks to articles and reports of interest to music creators, creators’ rights advocates, and those who believe in the power of music.EnglishReference - rights
Apple iTunesiTunes is a media player, media library, Internet radio broadcaster, mobile device management utility, and the client app for the iTunes Store, developed by Apple Inc.EnglishPlatform - music
Faire rayonner la culture en français au Canada (FCCF)Faire rayonner la culture en français au CanadaFrançaisRéseau de diffusion
Creativeandproductive.comMusic Royalties (Who Gets Paid, Why, When and How)EnglishReference - royalty guide
Edmonton Arts CouncilThe Edmonton Arts Council is a not-for-profit organization that supports and promotes the arts community in Edmonton.EnglishFunding - grants
Community Arts Council of Vancouver (CACV)The Community Arts Council of Vancouver (CACV) was the first arts council in North America. Since its beginning in 1946, the Community Arts Council of Vancouver has been a contributor to shaping the cultural life of Vancouver. CACV has been a powerful force in creating and advocating for many of the institutions, traditions, and policies in Vancouver that we benefit from today. CACV is an independent non-profit organization, unaffiliated with any government department.EnglishFunding - grants
Investing in Arts and Culture - ReginaIncorporated non-profit organizations can apply to for grants to support Arts & CultureEnglishFunding - grants
Musique Québécoise FrancophoneDestiné en priorité aux professionnels de l’industrie de la musique, mais ouvert à tous, ce guide donne accès à une mine d’information sur les marchés cibles et les habitudes de consommation de la musique québécoise francophone. Ce Guide regorge de renseignements permettant de cerner encore mieux le marché et de communiquer encore plus efficacement avec les auditeurs de musique québécoise francophone (MQF). Il permet également d’apprécier l’évolution des tendances en matière de consommation de la musique québécoise francophone depuis 2012.FrançaisMarketing
SpotifyTips for Your In-Home Livestream SetupEnglishLivestream - tips
TiingTiing is a Canadian crowdfunding site (based in Montreal), which offers a "crowdfunding" solution aimed at making it easier for you to collect money. Tiing ensures the security of its transactions through its partners Stripe and the RBC.EnglishCrowdfunding
Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFFTA)Provincial or territorial arts councilEnglishFunding - grants
World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)WIPO is the global forum for intellectual property (IP) services, policy, information and cooperation. We are a self-funding agency of the United Nations, with 193 member states.EnglishIP - WIPO

Jazz Festivals Canada (JFC)
JFC supports festival producers in the presentation of world-class events that reach record numbers of audience members each year. In one calendar year, the combined membership of JFC spends in excess of 7 million dollars on artist fees, employing over 9,000 artists. JFC member events present over 2,000 concerts per year, collectively reaching 3,300,000 audience members. 900 of these concerts are presented free to the public each year.EnglishAssociation - festivals, jazz
Culture/numériQCQuébec numérique est un organisme à but non lucratif qui fait grandir et rayonner l’écosystème numérique du Québec en créant des contextes qui favorisent le partage et les échanges entre les personnes intéressées par le numérique. Des outils communications, opérations et formations utiles.FrançaisRéférence - Québec numérique, boîte à outils
Projet Artistes émergents RBCLe projet Artistes émergents RBC appuie des organismes qui offrent aux artistes les meilleures chances de faire avancer leur carrière dans des domaines comme les arts visuels, la musique, le théâtre, le spectacle, la littérature et le cinéma. Chaque année, RBC Fondation verse des millions de dollars à des centaines d’organismes voués aux arts à l’échelle mondiale afin d’épauler aujourd’hui les talents de demain.FrançaisFinancement - prix
Opera AmericaList of resources including: Repertoire & Productions, Audiences & Community, Business & Research, Arts Education, Advocacy, People, New Work, Civic Practice, Audience Building, Gender Parity, Racial Justice, Governance, Anti-Harassment, COVID-19 Recovery....EnglishReference - general
Arts Service Organisations (ASOs)The goals of this project were to map Arts Service Organisations (ASOs) in Canada at the national, provincial, local, and grassroots levels, and to quantify the nature of this sector, including size, activities, and employment / staffing.EnglishReference - ASOs
Facebook LiveA powerful way to connect with your audience or followers in real time.EnglishPlatform - streaming
Ditto MusicDitto Music is one of the world's biggest music distribution & record label services company, delivering music to hundreds of the biggest music platforms worldwide, including Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Instagram, iTunes, Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Play and many more.EnglishDistribution - digital
jazzahead!jazzahead! is the must-go event for the international jazz industry and the place for high-quality, contemporary jazz from Germany, Europe and overseas. As the world's largest event where all the protagonists of the scene (musicians, labels, agencies, festival makers, bookers and media representatives) meet, it is considered by professional visitors from all over the world as the "Family Reunion of Jazz".EnglishAssociation - booking conference, Europe
Manitoba Virtual Hub ProjectManitoba Virtual Hub Project: The development and deployment of a shared virtual hub to enhance connections between digital practices and art disciplines across Manitoba. This will take the form of:- A searchable directory of digital training, programming, tools and resources.- A registry of artists, contractors, consultants and organizations designed to enhance collaboration.- An online learning platform that can support content from a variety of sub-sector participants. Additionally, a series of supporting activities would form part of the initiative - consultations, panel discussions, tech demos combined with mentoring and match making of artists with digital techs.EnglishReference - Training
Centre de musique cannadienne (CMC)La mission du CMC est de promouvoir les œuvres de ses compositeurs agréés au pays et dans le monde. Par le biais de sa musicothèque, le Centre est en mesure de prêter plus de 17 000 partitions ou œuvres de ses compositeurs agréés. De plus, quelque 1200 CD présentant la musique de ceux-ci, ainsi que des disques réalisés par des étiquettes canadiennes indépendantes, sont en vente au CMC. Le CMC Québec possède un atelier de reprographie, un service de location de matériel d’orchestre ainsi qu’une salle de concert de 40 places (Espace Kendergi).FrançaisAssociation - CMC, QC
IndepreneurBuild & Monetize A Fan Base A library of priceless music marketing strategies that actually create listeners, fans, and customers.EnglishMarketing
Association québécoise de l'industrie du disqueFondée en 1978 pour défendre les intérêts de ses membres et favoriser le développement de l'industrie de la musique au Québec, l'Association québécoise de l'industrie du disque, du spectacle et de la vidéo (ADISQ) est une association professionnelle sans but lucratif.FrançaisAssociation - professionnelle
Début AtlantiqueFondé en 1979, Début Atlantique est un des organismes de tournée de musique classique des plus dynamique et prestigieux au pays. En effet, la tournée Début Atlantique est devenue pour les musiciens classiques émergents, une occasion très convoitée au Canada. La longue liste d’attente des artistes désirant se joindre à l’équipe de tournée ainsi que le calibre atteint par nos anciens sont la preuve de notre succès.FrançaisRéseau de diffusion
Google DevelopersDocumentation Google (bouton langue en haut, à droite) Find beginner and advanced SEO documentation to learn how to improve your site's visibility on Google Search.EnglishSEO
FYI Music NewsHow To Earn Rights Income With Those Online PerformancesEnglishMonetisation
Stingray Rising Stars ProgramWe know that some of the greatest talent out there is found in our own backyard. That is why we created the Stingray Rising Stars Program. Launched in 1998 as Galaxie Rising Star, this original program sets out to discover, encourage, promote and champion new up-and-coming Canadian artists. To that end, Stingray Music has partnered with numerous industry organisations and regional festivals to offer cash awards and provide showcase opportunities to great new Canadian talent of all genres.EnglishFunding - Stingray, Rising Star
IETML'IETM - Réseau international pour les arts du spectacle contemporains est un réseau de plus de 500 organisations et membres individuels du monde entier qui travaillent dans le secteur des arts du spectacle contemporains : le théâtre, la danse, le cirque, les formes artistiques vivantes interdisciplinaires, les nouveaux médias. Le réseau est composé de festivals, compagnies, producteurs, théâtres, centres de recherche et de ressources, universités, et corps institutionnels.FrançaisAssociation - IETM
International Federation of MusiciansThe International Federation of Musicians, founded in 1948, is the international organisation for musicians’ unions and equivalent representative organisations. It is now counting about 70 members in 60 countries throughout the world.EnglishAssociation - FIM
Stingray MusiqueLes passionné(e)s de l'équipe Stingray Musique ont créé les Prix Étoiles Stingray, un programme original de développement de la musique destiné spécifiquement aux nouveaux artistes d'ici. Lancé en 1998 sous le nom de Prix Étoiles Galaxie, ce programme vise à découvrir, à stimuler et à promouvoir les jeunes talents musicaux canadiens. Pour ce faire, Stingray Musique offre des bourses et des vitrines par la voie de nombreux partenaires reconnus de l'industrie canadienne reliés à la promotion de la musique.FrançaisFinancement - prix
EntreprenartsVous voulez savoir où va l'argent des ventes d'albums et de chansons enregistrées sur les différents modes de diffusion? Voyez ces quatre excellentes capsules produits par le RAM.FrançaisRedevances - le chemin de l'argent
CDBaby | DIY MusicianYouTube Monetization for MusiciansEnglishMonetisation
CONNECT Music LicensingCONNECT Music Licensing administers licences in Canada for the reproduction of sound recordings, and the reproduction and broadcast of music videos on behalf of the copyright owners (usually the record companies). A licence from CONNECT Music Licensing ensures that owners receive compensation for the use of their sound recordings and/or music videos.EnglishLicensing - Connect
Musical Instrument Museums Online (MIMO)MIMO musical instrument museums online Welcome to the world's largest freely accessible database for information on musical instruments held in public collections. Our database now contains the records of 64070 instruments.EnglishReference - MIMO
Music Film Festival Network (MFFN)Music Film Festival Network (MFFN) is a new international alliance of film festivals founded on the belief that ideas exchanged are ideas multiplied.EnglishPresenter's network
SOCAN DRAvec SOCAN DR, vous profitez d’une vitrine mondiale exceptionnelle et percevez toute redevance qui découle de l’exploitation de vos œuvres sur tous supports (physique, numérique, web et télévisuel). Grâce à nos ententes de représentation, vous bénéficiez de tarifs et conditions exclusifs partout au Canada ainsi que dans plus de 100 marchés autour du globe.FrançaisSociété de gestion collective
Site Web de la législation (Justice) Canada.caLoi sur le droit d’auteur (L.R.C. (1985), ch. C-42)FrançaisDroit d'auteur - Canada, loi
English-Language Arts Network (ELANThe English-Language Arts Network (ELAN) is a not-for-profit organization that connects, supports, and creates opportunities for Quebec’s English-speaking artists and arts communities.EnglishAssociation - artists, Québec
BMIBMI is the bridge between songwriters and the businesses and organizations that want to play their music publicly. As a global leader in music rights management, BMI serves as an advocate for the value of music, representing over 17 million musical works created and owned by more than 1.1 million songwriters, composers and music publishers.EnglishPerforming rights organisation - US

Conseil des arts provinciaux ou territoriaux - I-P-E
Conseil des arts provinciaux ou territoriaux - I-P-EFrançaisFinancement - subventions
MusicDiffusion®MusicDiffusion® est une plate-forme "pure player" de distribution, de promotion, d'édition et de licences pour les artistes et les labels de musique indépendants. Nos services en ligne aident fièrement des milliers de musiciens chaque jour à distribuer et à promouvoir leur musique, tout en percevant leurs royalties.FrançaisDistribution - numérique
DJmag.comHow dance producers are using video game livestream platform Twitch to connect with fans. Video game live streaming platform Twitch has become an increasingly valuable way for electronic musicians to connect with their fans. Cherie Hu investigates the synergy between these electronic worldsEnglishSocial media
Open Broadcaster SoftwareOpen broadcast system Logiciel libre et open source d'enregistrement vidéo et de streaming en direct.FrançaisLogiciels - libre, vidéo et streaming
Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency Ltd.CSI is a joint venture of the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency Ltd. (CMRRA) and the Society for Reproduction Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers in Canada (SODRAC). CSI licenses the reproduction rights in the joint repertoire of CMRRA and SODRAC to various music users, including radio stations, background music services and online music services. Together, CMRRA and SODRAC represent the vast majority of songwriters and music publishers whose songs are active in the Canadian market place.EnglishLicensing - CSI
Facebook ViewStubAn all-in-one solution for event ticket sales, marketing, and video streaming. From your event page, offer both in-person registration + virtual access tickets. Attendees join in-person, plus watch live streams or replays conveniently, from any location.EnglishPlatform - streaming
SoundExchangeSoundExchange provides royalty solutions for sound recordings and publishing, serving as a critical backbone to today’s digital music industry. The organization collects and distributes digital performance royalties on behalf of more than 200,000 recording artists’ and master rights owners’ accounts. Its technology solutions help turn massive amounts of data into accurate revenue for creators and include: Music Data Exchange (MDX), International Standard Recording Codes (ISRC) Search, and the Notice of Intention to Use (NOI) LOOKUP. To date, SoundExchange has paid out more than $7 billion in royalties.EnglishPerforming rights organisation
Early Music TVEarly Music TV is an all-new, high-quality video-on-demand streaming service dedicated to glorious music of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Baroque. Founded and curated by internationally-celebrated Canadian ensemble, The Toronto Consort, Early Music TV offers a wide variety of new and original digital concert experiences that are sure to entertain early music lovers of all ages.EnglishPlatform - video
OPERA AmericaOPERA America leads and serves the entire opera community, supporting the creation, presentation, and enjoyment of opera. Founded in 1970, OPERA America has a membership that includes over 500 opera companies, educational institutions, affiliated businesses, and other entities. More than 40,000 staff members, artists, and trustees at these organizations join nearly 2,000 individual members in empowering us as the national champion for opera.EnglishAssociation - opera
Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA)CIMA is the not-for-profit national trade association representing the English-language, Canadian-owned sector of the music industry. CIMA’'s membership consists of Canadian-owned companies and representatives of Canadian-owned companies involved in every aspect of the music, sound recording and music-related industries. They are exclusively small businesses which include: record producers, record labels, recording studios, managers, agents, licensors, music video producers and directors, creative content owners, artists and others professionally involved in the sound recording and music video industries.EnglishAssociation - trade
NAPAMANAPAMA is the association of North American Performing Arts Managers and Agents, a not-for-profit service organization dedicated to promoting the professionalism of its members and the vitality of touring the live performing arts.EnglishAssociation - artist managers
Music Publishers CanadaMusic Publishers Canada is a membership-based organization, founded in 1949, that ensures the views of music publishers working in Canada are heard. It is our mission to create business opportunities for our members and to promote their interests and those of their song writing partners through advocacy, communication, and education.EnglishAssociation - publishers, music
CINARSCINARS is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote and support the export of the performing arts.EnglishAssociation - booking conference
Syncspace.LiveSyncspace.Live enables a group of performers to sync audio and video in real-time across the Internet so that they can hear and see each other in a way that can, in the best circumstances, come very close to being in the same room. Furthermore, performances can be broadcast with high-quality audio and video enabling live performances with everyone safely socially distanced. This is a solution built to meet the demanding needs of professional artists.EnglishPlatform - music
National Arts CentreNational Arts Centre calendar: Francophone, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Hip-hop, Folk, Roots, CountryEnglishCalendar - livestreams
Smartsplit.orgGérer sa musique n’a jamais été aussi simple. Documentez votre musique, partagez vos droits et gérez vos revenus en un seul endroit. Concentrez-vous sur votre musique, on s’occupe du reste.FrançaisRéférence - métadonnées
SquarespaceCréation d'un site Web.Françaissite Web
MusicNLMusicNL is a collective working to increase awareness locally, nationally and internationally of provincially produced music as an art form and as a viable industry with significant impact on the economy. MusicNL is dedicated to addressing key issues affecting the Newfoundland & Labrador music industry in order to implement positive change by presenting a strong voice to government, business and the community at large. MusicNL provides funding investment to its members, and facilitates outreach to schools across the province and ensures that its members are up to speed on any developments in the global music industry.EnglishAssociation - music, NL
WikipediaA table of online music databases that are largely free of charge. Note that many of the sites provide a specialized service or focus on a particular music genre. Some of these operate as an online music store or purchase referral service in some capacity. Among the sites that have information on the largest number of entities are those sites that focus on discographies of composing and performing artists.EnglishMusic catalogue
Music Nova ScotiaMusic Nova Scotia exists to grow and nurture the Nova Scotia music industry, to retain our own natural resource and promote investment, by providing education, information and resources to our membership, acting as the advocate for the industry to all levels of a government and private enterprise, supporting membership in the promotion of the export of Nova Scotia music regionally, nationally and internationally. Membership is mainly made up of Nova Scotians but some join us from other regions of the East Coast as well as across Canada.EnglishAssociation - music, NS
ARTISTIARTISTI est une société de gestion collective canadienne créée par l’Union des artistes en 1997 afin de protéger, de promouvoir et de préserver les droits conférés aux artistes interprètes par la Loi sur le droit d’auteur.FrançaisSociété de gestion collective
Worldwide Music Expo (WOMEX)WOMEX – Worldwide Music Expo – is the most international music meeting in the world and the biggest conference of the global music scene, featuring a trade fair, talks, films and showcase concerts.EnglishAssociation - booking conference, Europe
PatreonPatreon powers membership businesses for creators by giving them the tools they need to acquire, manage, and energize their paying patrons. With a subscription-style payment model, fans pay their favorite creators a monthly amount of their choice in exchange for exclusive access, extra content, or a closer look into their creative journey.EnglishCrowdfunding
iHeartRadioiHeartRadio is a free audio streaming service with over 200 channels of music, including some of your current favourites such as Virgin Radio, QM-FM, CJAY, CHUM FM and many more. It’s easy to use and best of all, it’s free. You just download the app then you can pick music to suit your mood, activity, or choose your favourite station. There are endless choices, and you can customize the listening experience to what you want to hear.EnglishInternet radio
Copyright ActCopyright Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-42)EnglishCopyright - Canada, law
Mundial MontréalNé des Rencontres de diffuseurs à Mundial Montréal et composés de diffuseurs canadiens engagés dans la présentation d’artistes de musiques du monde et dans la promotion de la diversité culturelle, le réseau Routes du monde est un organisme de service national dont le but est d’informer, représenter, défendre et servir les intérêts de ses membres. Plus d’une vingtaine de rencontres ont été effectuées au cours des quatre dernières années et ce, dans des conférences partout dans le monde.FrançaisRéseau de diffusion
Arts New BrunswickProvincial or territorial arts councilEnglishFunding - grants
Diffusion Inter-CentresDiffusion Inter-Centres est un réseau interrégional de diffuseurs pluridisciplinaires en arts de la scène. Il a pour mission de favoriser la diffusion sous toutes ses formes sur l’ensemble des territoires desservis par ses membres. Diffusion Inter-Centres regroupe quatorze membres établis dans plusieurs grands centres du Québec. Qu’ils soient de Drummondville, Gatineau, Granby, Joliette, Sainte-Thérèse, Laval, Québec, Saguenay, Sherbrooke, Saint-Hyacinthe, Saint-Jérôme, Terrebonne, Trois-Rivières ou Victoriaville, ils partagent tous des marchés semblables et y opèrent tous d’importantes structures d'accueil.FrançaisRéseau de diffusion
CapterraTicketing software manages and automates online, kiosk, and box office ticketing for special events, theaters, parks, festivals, fairs, travel, and other activities. These applications help manage seat selections, event management, exhibitor data, performer assignments and locations, as well as online and onsite payment processing. Ticketing solutions also often integrate other business processes such as inventory control, transaction control, fulfillment history and sales tracking. Ticketing software is related to Event software, Registration software and Kiosk software.EnglishSoftware - ticketing comparison
Vimeo is an American video hosting, sharing, and services platform headquartered in New York City. Vimeo focuses on the delivery of high-definition video across a range of devices. Vimeo's business model is through software as a service (SaaS). They derive revenue by providing subscription plans for businesses and video content producers. Vimeo provides its subscribers with tools for video creation, editing, and broadcasting, enterprise software solutions, as well as the means for video professionals to connect with clients and other professionals. The language button (three little dots …) is at the bottom right-hand sideEnglishPlatform - video

Organisation mondiale de la propriété intellectuelle (OMPI)
Le Traité de l'OMPI sur les interprétations et exécutions et les phonogrammes (WPPT) vise à assurer la protection des droits de propriété intellectuelle de deux catégories de bénéficiaires, notamment dans l'environnement numérique: i) les artistes interprètes ou exécutants (acteurs, chanteurs, musiciens, etc.), et ii) les producteurs de phonogrammes (personnes physiques ou morales qui prennent l'initiative de la fixation des sons et en assument la responsabilité).FrançaisDroit d'auteur - WPPT

TradeSpotting, plateforme de marketing digital dédiée au secteur culturel et événementiel avec une offre double : agence et technologie pour l’achat média digital en self-service. Nous accompagnons nos partenaires dans la conception et la mise en place de stratégies afin de promouvoir efficacement leurs projets.FrançaisMarketing
Sodrac4 quatre façons simples de protéger vos œuvres

FrançaisDroit d'auteur - Canada, protéger vos œuvres

Provincial or territorial arts councilEnglishFunding - grants

Taylor Oballa Murray Leyland LLP
Taylor Oballa Murray Leyland LLP is known for its skilled approach to transactional matters related to entertainment and media law. We represent individuals and companies in all areas of the industry, including musicians, record companies, film and television producers, film financiers, songwriters and publishers, actors, writers, directors, media personalities, trademark owners, music producers and mixers, book authors, theatre producers, fashion entrepreneurs, models, dancers, and more.EnglishLegal - law firm
BrightcoveL'expérience d'événements virtuels Brightcove aide les marques à transformer leurs événements en événements virtuels et à créer des expériences vidéo personnalisées qui leur permettront d'atteindre leurs objectifs.FrançaisPlateforme - streaming
StarmakerThe Radio Starmaker Fund was created in the fall of 2000 on the initiative of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters and approved by the CRTC. It is a private fund which has as its stated purpose to "make a substantial and discernable difference to the careers of Canadian artists" by providing substantial incremental investment where the artist has established a proven track record and his or her label is making a Significant Investment in their future career.EnglishFunding - Starmaker

Le droit d’auteur – introductionFrançaisDroit d'auteur - Canada, guide
International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres (IAML)The International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres encourages and promotes the activities of music libraries, archives and documentation centres to support and facilitate the realization of projects in music bibliography, music documentation and music library and information science at national and international levels.EnglishData - IAML

Canada Classique
Enjoy live concerts, appreciate the beauty and acoustics of the concert hall, wherever you are!EnglishPlatform - streaming

YouTube is an American online video-sharing and social media platform that allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to playlists, report, comment on videos and subscribe to other users.EnglishPlatform - video
International Artist Managers' Association (IAMA)The International Artist Managers' Association (IAMA) - is the only worldwide association for classical music artist managements. It is dedicated to serving all its members' needs including Affiliate and Group members and it strives to raise professional standards in the business of music.EnglishAssociation - IAMA
Music Publishers CanadaMusic Publishers Canada is a membership-based organization, founded in 1949, that ensures the views of music publishers working in Canada are heard. It is our mission to create business opportunities for our members and to promote their interests and those of their song writing partners through advocacy, communication, and education.EnglishPublishing - music
OvertureOVERTURE+ is a partnership between GFour Productions and Surfcode Technologies. We're revolutionizing digital streaming for the performing arts. Creators and producers can share content with presenters worldwide, reaching new audiences while supporting each other collaboratively.EnglishPlatform - streaming

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (as amended on September 28, 1979)EnglishCopyright - Berne Convention
Conseil québécois de la musiqueFormation disponible via Le Conseil québécois de la musiqueFrançaisFormation
Canadian Music Centre (CMC)The Canadian Music Centre has been supporting, preserving and celebrating the works of Canadian composers since 1959. As proud and passionate advocates, we offer innovative resources for discovering, exploring, listening to and playing Canadian music online and in five regional hubs.EnglishAssociation - CMC, Prairies
Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency Ltd (CMRRA)Founded in 1975, the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency Ltd is a music licensing collective representing music rightsholders who range in size from large multinational music publishers to individual songwriters. Together, they own or administer the vast majority of songs recorded, sold and broadcast in Canada. On their behalf, CMRRA issues licences to individuals or organizations for the reproduction of songs on various media, as described below.EnglishLicensing - CMRRA
BandzoogleStreaming service (site EN only)EnglishPlatform - streaming
Medici.tvThe world's leading classical music channel, has offered access to the best of classical music to viewers worldwide since 2008.EnglishPlatform - video>
Menon B.QUE SONT LES DROITS VOISINS ? Les auteurs et les compositeurs ont des droits exclusifs sur leurs œuvres musicales et perçoivent à ce titre des redevances pour leur exploitation : pour l’exploitation de leurs droits d’auteur.FrançaisDroit d'auteur - Canada, guide, droits voisins
Vulture.comA survey of America’s cultural landscape offering 24-hour coverage of film, television, art and more, Vulture is the go-to entertainment news site for the culturally obsessed.EnglishReference - general, US

guide de référenceFrançaisRéférence - stratégie web, réseaux sociaux
AristakeCD Baby, TuneCore, DistroKid, AWAL, UnitedMasters…Who is the Best Digital Distribution Company for MusicEnglishDistribution - digital, comparison

Growling WLG
La LCAP quant à elle, a pris effet le 1er juillet 2014. Il s’agit de l’une des lois anti-pourriel les plus normatives et punitives au monde. Puisque les amendes peuvent atteindre les dix millions de dollars, se conformer à la LCAP est maintenant une priorité pour quiconque fait des affaires au Canada.FrançaisLCAP - guide
RecithallRecitHall is a platform with an artistic vocation that allows professional artists and event organizers to come before their audiences online by broadcasting live, for-pay, interactive performances.EnglishPlatform - streaming
RBC Emerging Artists ProjectThe RBC Emerging Artists Project supports organizations that provide the best opportunity to advance an artist’s career trajectory in genres such as visual arts, music, theatre, performance, literature and film. Every year the RBC Foundation donates millions of dollars to hundreds of arts organizations globally to help emerging artists become established.EnglishFunding - awards
Marketing MusicalLes critères indispensables à prendre en compte dans le choix de votre distributeur numérique de musique.FrançaisDistribution - numérique
Manitoba MusicManitoba Music is the hub of Manitoba’s vibrant music community. It is a member-based, not-for-profit industry association representing over 750 members in all facets of the music industry, including artists and bands, studios, agents, managers, songwriters, venues, promoters, producers, and beyond. Manitoba Music serves all genres, from rock to roots, hip-hop to hardcore, country to classical, and everything in between. Through its programs and services, Manitoba Music provides information, education, communication, advocacy, industry development, and networking opportunities to nurture, develop and promote the growth and sustainability of the Manitoba music industry.EnglishAssociation - music, Manitoba
OpenMind BBVAThe Music Industry in an Age of Digital DistributionEnglishDistribution - digital

Side door
Streaming service, friendly and transparent marketplace where anybody can perform, host, or curate shows for their communitiesEnglishPlatform - streaming
All You Need To Know About Getting Music On The Internet Pro-music is a coalition of people and organisations working across the music sector. The international alliance of musicians, managers, artists, publishers and major and independent record companies across the music industry work together to promote the myriad of different ways in which people can enjoy music safely and legitimately online.EnglishReference - Getting Music on the Internet
The point of saleVirtual events, embedded ticketingEnglishPlatform - music

Operabase — the reference for opera performances around the world. Productions and performancesEnglishDatabase - opera

Chamber Music America (CMA)
Chamber Music America is the national service organization for ensemble music professionals. Our members are thousands of individual musicians, ensembles, presenters, artist managers, composers, educators and others in the national chamber music community. CMA serves the national ensemble music community by providing access to an array of professional resources and benefits, professional development seminars, grants and awards, and—through its National Conference and interactive website—opportunities to connect with musicians, presenters, managers and other chamber music professionals across the country.EnglishAssociation - chamber music

NWT Arts Council
Provincial or territorial arts councilEnglishFunding - grants
La billetterie en ligne s’est transformée en plateforme de webdiffusion pour aider les artistes à se produire malgré la pandémie. Elle propose également des prestations non artistiques, comme des conférences et des ateliers.FrançaisPlateforme - streaming

La Loi canadienne anti-pourriel (LCAP)
La Loi canadienne anti-pourriel (LCAP) protège les consommateurs et les entreprises contre l'utilisation abusive de la technologie numérique, y compris les pourriels et les autres menaces électroniques. Elle vise également à aider les entreprises à rester compétitives dans un marché numérique mondial. Renseignez-vous sur la législation ainsi que sur la façon de vous protéger contre les pourriels et de les signaler au besoin.FrançaisLCAP - guide
UnisonfundUnison Benevolent Fund is a non-profit, registered charity providing counseling and emergency relief services to the Canadian music community. It is an assistance program – created and administered for the music community, by the music community – designed to provide discreet relief to music industry professionals in times of crisis. There are two distinct types of support available through the fund, Financial Assistance and Counselling & Health Solutions.EnglishFunding - financial assistance, counselling & health Solutions

Saskatchewan Arts Board
Provincial or territorial arts councilEnglishFunding - grants
Fonds RadioStarL'Association canadienne des radiodiffuseurs (ACR) et l'Association québécoise de l'industrie du disque, du spectacle et de la vidéo (ADISQ) ont lancé officiellement le programme Fonds RadioStar le 13 août 2001. Ce programme d'aide financière vise à soutenir les projets de promotion et de commercialisation d'enregistrements sonores en musique vocale francophone.FrançaisFinancement - RadioStar

Avec Spotify, il est toujours facile de trouver la bonne musique ou le bon podcast, et ce, sur votre téléphone, votre ordinateur, votre tablette, etc.FrançaisPlateforme - streaming
Institute for Research in Music and CommunityLinks to: Building and Maintaining Your Digital Presence 2019 & Instagram: Building your Brand for MonetizationEnglishReference - Training, social media
IMZThe Vienna-based IMZ International Music + Media Centre is a Nonprofit Organisation that was founded under the aegis of UNESCO in 1961 to preserve the performing arts as a cultural asset. As a global business network for more than 150 IMZ Member Organisations, the IMZ provides relevant information + opportunities for those active at the intersection of performing arts + media: leading film + TV production companies, public + private broadcasters, streaming platforms, distributors + record labels as well as opera houses, concert halls, orchestras and dance companies.EnglishAssociation - IMZ
Canadian Music Centre (CMC)The Canadian Music Centre has been supporting, preserving and celebrating the works of Canadian composers since 1959. As proud and passionate advocates, we offer innovative resources for discovering, exploring, listening to and playing Canadian music online and in five regional hubs.EnglishAssociation - CMC
PRS for MusicPRS for Music is the home of the Performing Right Society (PRS) and the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS).EnglishPerforming rights organisation - UK
CourseraBe entrepreneurial in Cultural Industries in the digital age" Designed by the School of Public Affairs with the French Ministry of Culture, this MOOC is for anyone wishing to embark on a contemporary cultural entrepeneurship. It brings together more than 90 contributors - experts, designers, lawyers... 8 sessions (including video lessons and testimonies)EnglishReference - Training

Arts Grant program - PEI
Provincial or territorial arts councilEnglishFunding - grants
YouTubeYouTube est un site web d’hébergement de vidéos et un média social sur lequel les utilisateurs peuvent envoyer, regarder, commenter, évaluer et partager des vidéos en streaming.FrançaisPlateforme - vidéo

Canadian Association for the Advancement of Music and the Arts (CAAMA)
The Canadian Association for the Advancement of Music and the Arts (CAAMA) is a national not-for-profit, Toronto-based, Canadian artist music companies-driven trade organization representing the interests of emerging performing artists, musicians, artist entrepreneurs and small artist owner-operated music businesses in Canada.EnglishAssociation - trade

7 Digital Canada
A fully integrated platform for music that provides content, data and services to engage, manage and monetize audiences globally at scale.EnglishPlatform - music
Conseil des arts de MontréalFounded in 1956, the Conseil des arts de Montréal identifies, supports and recognizes excellence in the professional creation, production and dissemination of the arts.EnglishFunding - grants

As Canada’s largest rights management organization, we connect more than four million creators worldwide and more than a quarter-million businesses and individuals in Canada alone. More than 150,000 songwriters, composers, music publishers and visual artists are our direct members, and more than 100,000 organizations are licensed to play music across the country. We issue licenses for the performance and reproduction of music as well as for the reproduction of visual art.EnglishPerforming rights organisation
Visceral VisionsVisceral Vision’s CultureBrew.Art is a web platform designed to promote & foster intersectional interculturalism, building connection, collaboration, and community in the performing and media arts. CultureBrew.Art features a searchable database of Indigenous & racialized artists - performers, writers, directors, designers, filmmakers, composers, etc. - to which engagers (arts orgs, social non-profits, film/TV, etc.) may subscribe. Our proposed Phase 2 will build on our database foundation with new digital tools, and consolidate functionality and community engagement.EnglishPlatform - artist portal

VOD Factory
A complete SaaS technical solution to help you launch, manage and grow your own video on demand platform. Launch, manage, and develop your service directly from your own back office.EnglishPlatform - video
Conseil des arts de MontréalFondé en 1956, le Conseil des arts de Montréal repère, accompagne, soutient et reconnaît l’excellence dans la création, la production et la diffusion artistiques professionnelles.FrançaisFinancement - subventions

U.S. Copyright Office
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) was signed into law by President Clinton on October 28, 1998. The legislation implements two 1996 World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) treaties: the WIPO Copyright Treaty and the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty. The DMCA also addresses a number of other significant copyright-related issues.EnglishCopyright - United States
YouTube musicYouTube est un site web d’hébergement de vidéos et un média social sur lequel les utilisateurs peuvent envoyer, regarder, commenter, évaluer et partager des vidéos en streaming.FrançaisPlateforme - vidéo

Canadian Music Centre (CMC)
The Canadian Music Centre has been supporting, preserving and celebrating the works of Canadian composers since 1959. As proud and passionate advocates, we offer innovative resources for discovering, exploring, listening to and playing Canadian music online and in five regional hubs.EnglishAssociation - CMC, BC

Frissonic Shivers
Livestream listings: independent artists, independent music, jazzEnglishCalendar - livestreams
L'Associations des diffuseurs culturel de l'île de MontréalL’ADICIM participe activement à la diffusion des arts dans ses 11 municipalités reconstituées de l’île de Montréal qui composent ses membres. Il s’agit d’un réseau à but non lucratif où les idées sont échangées et où les ressources et les expériences peuvent être partagées. Les membres de l’ADICIM présentent différents événements artistiques dans tous les domaines. Cette association s’appuie sur les affinités territoriales, les réalités socio-démographiques et les infrastructures techniques pour offrir à leurs citoyens une diversité artistique.FrançaisRéseau de diffusion

Depuis plus de 12 ans, TuneCore se consacre à fournir aux musiciens indépendants les outils dont ils ont besoin pour faire connaître leur musique au monde entier, développer leur public et garder le contrôle de leur carrière.FrançaisDistribution - numérique

In copyright law, related rights (or neighbouring rights) are the rights of a creative work not connected with the work's actual author. It is used in opposition to the term "authors' rights". Neighbouring rights is a more literal translation of the original French droits voisins. Both authors' rights and related rights are copyrights in the sense of English or U.S. law.EnglishCopyright - neighbouring rights
HaboHabo accompagne les entreprises en matière de planification stratégique ainsi que d’intelligence de marché et consommateurs. Habo est un acronyme signifiant Haute Altitude, Basse Ouverture, une technique de parachutisme qui consiste à sauter en chute libre à haute altitude d’où la perspective est très large, puis à ouvrir le parachute à basse altitude pour atterrir sur une cible très précise.FrançaisPlanification stratégique, marketing
iHeartRadioL’appli et le tableau de bord iHeartRadio consistent en un service gratuit de diffusion en continu qui vous donne accès à plus de 200 chaînes de diffusion musicale, incluant certaines de vos stations de radio préférées comme Rouge fm, ÉNERGIE, CHOM, Virgin Radio, BOOM et beaucoup d’autres! Elle est facile à utiliser : téléchargez l’appli ou rendez-vous sur, choisissez la musique selon votre humeur, votre activité ou votre station préférée, quel que soit ce qui vous intéresse, et profitez-en! Vous avez un choix infini et vous pouvez personnaliser votre expérience musicale en fonction de ce que VOUS désirez écouter.FrançaisRadio - internet
HaboÉdition #6 BAROMÈTRE DIVERTISSEMENT Mars 2021 L’attitude des Québécois par rapport au divertissement en temps de COVID-19
FrançaisRéférence - étude
La Loi canadienne anti-pourriel (LCAP)Le Commissariat à la protection de la vie privée du Canada partage la responsabilité de l’application de la LCAP avec le Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des télécommunications canadiennes (CRTC) et le Bureau de la concurrence du gouvernement fédéral.FrançaisLCAP - CPVPC
CSIAFEstablished in 1999, China Shanghai International Arts Festival is a state-level annual international arts festival hosted by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism and organized by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government. As a major part of the Festival, the CSIAF performing arts fair (ChinaSPAF) is the leading annual marketplace for new work from China, connecting creators and arts professionals worldwideEnglishAssociation - booking conference, Asia

Music licensing is the licensed use of copyrighted music. Music licensing is intended to ensure that the owners of copyrights on musical works are compensated for certain uses of their work. A purchaser has limited rights to use the work without a separate agreement. Mostly American references but a good source of basic information.EnglishLicensing - reference

Canada’s Music Incubator (CMI)
Canada’s Music Incubator (CMI) is a Toronto-based national not-for-profit organization specializing in professional development and ongoing mentorship for artists, managers, and music companies. Launched in 2012, CMI supports over 1,000 music entrepreneurs of all genres in the development of long-term careers and sustainable businesses and has provided over 10,000 hours of professional development programs and one-on-one mentorship. CMI’s Live Events department works with private and community partners across the country curating paid performance opportunities for artists. To date, CMI has programmed 500+ shows and paid nearly $900,000 directly to artists. CMI also advocates on behalf of music sector infrastructure development and creative entrepreneurship education in high schools.EnglishReference - training

ArtStarts in Schools
ArtStarts in Schools is a charitable organization that expands the role of art in education to activate learning and nurture creativity in British Columbia's young people.EnglishAssociation - education
SODRAC (société du droit de reproduction des auteurs compositeurs et éditeurs au Canada)La SODRAC (société du droit de reproduction des auteurs compositeurs et éditeurs au Canada) négocie, au nom de ses membres, des ententes collectives et individuelles avec les utilisateurs de leurs œuvres, perçoit les redevances en découlant et les redistribue aux ayants droit qu’elle représente. Elle contrôle donc toute fixation des œuvres de ses membres sur tout type de supports audio, audiovisuel ou numérique ainsi que l’exploitation des enregistrements sur ces supports.FrançaisSociété de gestion collective
TidalTidal is a subscription-based music, podcast and video streaming service. In 2020, the Tidal catalogue gave access to more than 70 million tracks and 250,000 music videosEnglishPlatform - streaming
Inplayer.comArticle: What Is a Paywall and How Does It Work?EnglishPaywall - guide
BC Arts CouncilProvincial or territorial arts councilEnglishFunding - grants
Société du droit de reproduction des auteurs compositeurs et éditeurs au Canada (SODRAC)La Société du droit de reproduction des auteurs compositeurs et éditeurs au Canada (SODRAC) negotiates, on behalf of its members, collective and individual agreements with the users of their works, collects the royalties arising therefrom and redistributes them to the rightsholders it represents. It therefore controls any fixation of the works of its members on any type of audio, audiovisual or digital media as well as the exploitation of the recordings on these supports.EnglishPerforming rights organisation
Institute for Research in Music and CommunityLinks to: Building and Maintaining Your Digital Presence Part I, Building and Maintaining Your Digital Presence Part II, and Shooting Your VideoEnglishReference - Training
Fonds ontarien d'investissement dans l'industrie de la musiqueLe Fonds ontarien d'investissement dans l'industrie de la musique, vise à fournir des investissements ciblés en matière de développement économique à l'industrie musicale dynamique et diversifiée de la province. Le Fonds ontarien d’investissement dans l’industrie de la musique soutient les entreprises du secteur de la musique en Ontario ayant un fort potentiel de croissance afin d’optimiser le rendement du capital investi et de créer davantage de possibilités pour les artistes émergents d’enregistrer et de se produire en Ontario.FrançaisFinancement - OMIF
The Canadian Network for Arts & LearningFunding & Contests Share online tools and funding opportunities with Canada's arts and learning communities.EnglishFunding - grants, prizes
ROSEQ (Réseau des Organisateurs de Spectacles de l’Est du Québec)Le ROSEQ (Réseau des Organisateurs de Spectacles de l’Est du Québec) compte 32 organismes membres dispersés dans tout l’est du Québec de Lévis aux Îles-de-la-Madeleine et de Fermont jusqu’à la frontière du Nouveau-Brunswick.FrançaisRéseau de diffusion

How to create a Wikipedia pageEnglishWikipedia

M for Montreal
M for Montreal is a music conference and festival taking place every November and showcasing about 100 local and international buzz-worthy and breakout bands in around 15 venues across Montreal. Top music industry professionals mingle with fans and artists at one of the most vibrant music events of the season.EnglishAssociation - booking conference

Sirius XM
Sirius XM provides satellite radio and online radio services.EnglishSatellite radio, Internet radio
La Red (The Net)La Red de Promotores Culturales de Latinoamérica y El Caribe — La Red (The Net) — is a nonprofit organization established in May, 1991 in Paraty (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), to generate and promote a joint workspace for producers in the areas of contemporary dance, theater and music in Latin America and the Caribbean. One of the reasons that led to the creation of the network was to break through the traditional cultural isolation of the region.EnglishAssociation - booking conference, Europe
WikipédiaApprendre les principes, les buts et l'interface de Wikipédia grâce à ces vidéos et tutoriels interactifsFrançaisWikipedia

BC Alliance for Arts and Culture
#3 Ask Me Anything… About a Simple Social Media PlanEnglishReference - training
Menon B.NEIGHBOURING RIGHTS: WHAT, WHO AND HOW As neighbouring rights make up a considerable source of revenue to many, it is important to understand how they work.EnglishCopyright - neighbouring rights

RADARTS (Réseau Atlantique de Diffusion des ARTs de la Scène)
RADARTS, signifie Réseau Atlantique de Diffusion des ARTs de la Scène, est un organisme sans but lucratif qui soutient les diffuseurs grand public ainsi que les diffuseurs scolaires francophones du Canada Atlantique pour une meilleure circulation des artistes acadiens et francophones sur le territoire.FrançaisRéseau de diffusion
Menon B.LE SAMPLE : À QUI APPARTIENNENT LES DROITS ?FrançaisDroit d'auteur - "sample"
Canadian Intellectual Property OfficeWhat is copyright?EnglishCopyright - Canada, overview
TunecoreSELL YOUR MUSIC WORLDWIDEEnglishDistribution - digital
Stingray MusicToday, Stingray Music has grown into a multiplatform music service with thousands of channels in every possible genre available worldwide on mobile, web, and TV.EnglishPlatform - music

Launched in 1967, Midem is dedicated to helping the music industry develop business, strategy and creativity by bringing together the key players of the music ecosystem online and in Cannes: Artists, Labels, Managers, Publishers, Distributors, Streaming services, Rights collecting societies, High-tech companies, Startups, Brands, Communications agencies, Booking agencies, Promoters.EnglishAssociation - trade

Incorporated in 1976 to serve presenters and touring professionals, the BC TOURING COUNCIL (BCTC) has grown into a vibrant network organization that provides a variety of programs and services both online and in-person including our flagship showcase and booking conference Pacific Contact.EnglishPresenters' network
Danperforms.comInteresting article on the possibilities of VR, streaming....EnglishReference - general
Le concert bleuLa plateforme numérique immersive destinée au milieu de la musique classique du QuébecFrançaisPlateforme - streaming

Le RGE (RÉSEAU DES GRANDS ESPACES) rassemble et représente les intervenants de la diffusion, appuie leur professionnalisation et favorise le rayonnement des arts de la scène d’expression française dans l’Ouest et le Nord.FrançaisRéseau de diffusion

Notre mission est de permettre à des projets créatifs de voir le jour. Nous sommes convaincus que l'art et l'expression créative sont indispensables à une société vivante et épanouie, et que les espaces créatifs ont besoin de protection.FrançaisFinancement participatif

ADICIM actively participates in the dissemination of the arts in its 11 reconstituted municipalities on the Island of Montreal which make up its members. It is a non-profit network where ideas are exchanged and resources and experiences can be shared. ADICIM members present different artistic events in all fields. This association is based on territorial affinities, socio-demographic realities and technical infrastructure to offer their citizens an artistic diversity.EnglishPresenters' network

Fans Lab
En créant des plateformes numériques innovantes, Fanslab a pour mission d’aider les marques et les organisations à libérer le plein potentiel de leurs communautés intelligentes. Notre plateforme évolutive dotée de mécanismes de mobilisation des communautés stimule la participation, l’apprentissage collaboratif, le jumelage intelligent et la découverte de parcours personnalisés. En plaçant l’Humain au coeur de ses processus d’engagements technologiques, Fanslab souhaite propulser le pouvoir des communautés intelligentes.FrançaisPlateforme - streaming
The Music BusinessThe Music Business is a new one-of-a-kind interdisciplinary online credit course that complements in-school business and music classes. Technical musical abilities are not a prerequisite. This course introduces students to the workings of the music industry and the careers available both onstage and offstage. It will also help direct students to post-secondary options and inspire them to learn independently.EnglishReference - training
La MachinerieLa Caisse à outils de la Machinerie contient près de 200 outils stratégiques et pratiques (dont 85 avec du contenu en anglais) destinés à améliorer la gestion des projets artistiques et des organisations culturelles. Elle offre des cadres professionnels pour la planification, l’organisation et la gestion simplifiée dans le domaine de la culture. Ces outils visent à améliorer et à faciliter la qualité du travail en offrant des gabarits, des guides, des canevas et des méthodes pour l’application immédiate dans des situations de travail.FrançaisRéférence - Machinerie des arts, caisse à outils
Mundial MontréalBorn out of the private presenter meetings at Mundial Montréal, the World Routes Network is a national service organization whose purpose is to inform, represent, defend and serve the interests of its members. Composed of Canadian presenters committed to the presentation of world music artists and the promotion of cultural diversity.EnglishPresenters' network
AppleiTunes est un logiciel de lecture et de gestion de bibliothèque multimédia numérique distribué gratuitement par Apple.FrançaisPlateforme - musique
Fédération canadienne des musiciens [FCM]La Fédération canadienne des musiciens [FCM], (anciennement appelée FAM Canada) est le plus important organisme professionnel dans son domaine offert aux musiciens canadiens.FrançaisSyndicat
Un guide visant à accompagner les ayants droit de la chaîne de valeur musicale dans l’indexation de leurs contenus à l’aide de métadonnées. Il présente la marche à suivre ainsi que les bonnes pratiques à respecter, établissant notamment un modèle commun de métadonnées à indexer pour tout contenu musical.FrançaisRéférence - métadonnées
Confédération internationale des sociétés d'auteurs et compositeurs (CISAC)La CISAC – la Confédération internationale des sociétés d'auteurs et compositeurs – est le premier réseau mondial de sociétés d'auteurs (également appelées « organisations de gestion collective » ou « OGC »).FrançaisAssociation - droit d'auteur

Grâce à notre site, il est facile d’inspirer les autres et de transformer la compassion en actes. En donnant aux gens les outils dont ils ont besoin pour partager leur histoire avec le plus grand nombre, nous avons bâti une communauté de plus de 50 millions de donateurs. Nous avons ainsi aidé des organisateurs à récolter plus de 5 milliards de dollars… et ce n’est qu’un début !FrançaisFinancement participatif

Copyright Act
Copyright in Performers’ Performances, Sound Recordings and Communication Signals and Moral Rights in Performers’ PerformancesEnglishCopyright - Canada, recordings

Comparison of digital music storesEnglishPlatform - comparison

The old world of traditional ticketing, with scalpers and bots, sucks — there's too much abuse of fans, and too little value returned to creators. Yoop creates a fairer equation, shifting the power back to the most important participants: the fans and creators.EnglishPlatform - streaming
BrightcoveBrightcove Beacon® gives arts and entertainment organizations the power to flawlessly stream performances that entertain loyal patrons, engage new audiences, and offer options to monetize content.EnglishPlatform - streaming
SoproqLa Soproq est une société de gestion collective des droits des producteurs d'enregistrements sonores et de vidéoclips. Elle perçoit et distribue les redevances découlant des droits d’exécution publique, de ceux liés à la reproduction et au régime de copie privée pour les enregistrements sonores et les vidéoclips faisant partie de son répertoire. La Soproq négocie également avec les services de musique et émet des licences générales pour l’utilisation des titres contenus dans son répertoire.FarnçaisSociété de gestion collective
Music/Musique NB (MNB)Music/Musique NB (MNB) is a provincial music industry association that provides a support network for musicians, managers, and businesses that are involved in the creation of music within the province of New Brunswick. MNB is a non-profit association with ties on regional, provincial, and national levels with government agencies and departments who enable us to lobby and promote our industry and our artists whenever possible. MNB’s primary responsibility is to represent the interests of its members and foster the New Brunswick music industry.FarnçaisAssociation - musique, NB

Société de gestion collective
Une société de gestion collective est un organisme qui administre les droits d'auteur d'un nombre important de titulaires de droit d'auteur. Elle peut accorder la permission d'utiliser leurs œuvres et préciser les conditions qui s'y rattachent. La gestion collective des droits d'auteur est assez répandue au Canada, notamment pour ce qui est de l'exécution publique de la musique, de la reprographie et de la reproduction mécanique. Certaines sociétés de gestion sont affiliées avec des sociétés étrangères dont elles représentent les membres au Canada.FarnçaisSociété de gestion collective - guide
GoFundMeAt GoFundMe, we believe your inspiration should be shared with everyone. Because that’s how change happens.That’s why we make it easy to inspire the world and turn compassion into action. By giving people the tools they need to capture and share their story far and wide, we have built a community of more than 50 million donors and helped organisers raise over $5 billion – and this is just the beginning.EnglishCrowdfunding
The PitchThe Pitch is envisioned as a fully-featured digital showcasing service that brings artists and arts presenters together 24/7/365. As a business-to-business (B2B) application, The Pitch seeks to build a broad, trusted community of touring artists, agencies, performance companies, and presenters seeking live or digital performances.EnglishShowcase

The Machinery
The Machinery is an organization that shares resources, tools and expertise using a diversified, customized and inclusive approach. Through its community, the Machinery strengthens and showcases artistic and cultural aspirations! Bilingual, superb toolbox for arts administrators and artists.EnglishReference - Machinery
Regroupement des artisans de la musique (RAMRéunissant les auteurs, les compositeurs, les interprètes et les musiciens, dont des artistes-entrepreneurs, ainsi que d’autres artisans de la musique, le Regroupement des artisans de la musique (RAM) inclut tous les genres musicaux et toutes les langues, il prend son origine au Québec et est ouvert aux autres territoires. Le RAM est appuyé par une importante cohorte d'artisans de la musique ainsi que par la Guilde des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec (GMMQ), la Société professionnelle des auteurs et des compositeurs du Québec (SPACQ) et l'Union des artistes (UDA).FrançaisAssociation - RAM
Arts and Culture - YukonProvincial or territorial arts councilEnglishFunding - grants
SacemAuteurs, compositeurs, éditeurs… la Sacem protège, représente et défend les intérêts de plus de 176 150 membres en France et à l’international. Au service de la création, elle dispose du plus vaste répertoire mondial et s’engage pour la diversité musicale en soutenant de nombreux projets.FrançaisSociété de gestion collective - France

26 ways musicians can make moneEnglishMonetisation
Le Réseau canadien pour les arts et l’apprentissageFinancement et concours Partager des outils en ligne et des possibilités de financement avec les communautés artistiques et d'apprentissage du Canada.FarnçaisFinancement - subventions, prix
Music BCRepresenting the British Columbia music industry, Music BC is a non-profit society dedicated to providing information, education, funding, advocacy, awareness and networking opportunities to nurture, develop and promote the spirit, growth, and sustainability of the BC Music community. Music BC (formerly known as The Pacific Music Industry Association or PMIA) has been in operation for over 20 years, serving the music industry of British Columbia. Music BC is the only provincial music association that serves all genres, all territories and all participants in the industry from artists, to managers, agents, broadcasters, recording studios, producers and all other industry professionals.

EnglishAssociation - music, BC
ISPAISPA, the International Society for the Performing Arts, is a global network of more than 500 leaders in the performing arts with representation from more than 185 cities and all regions of the globe. ISPA members include facilities, performing arts organizations, artist managers, festivals, funders, consultants and other professionals working in the performing arts.FrançaisAssociation - ISPA
SOCAN RRWith SOCAN RR, you benefit from an exceptional worldwide showcase and receive all royalties resulting from the exploitation of your works in all media (physical, digital, web and television). Thanks to our representation agreements, you benefit from exclusive rates and conditions across Canada and in more than 100 markets around the globe.EnglishPerforming rights organisation

Un graphe de connaissances ouvert est une infrastructure pour comprendre les métadonnées, innover et maîtriser son propre destinFrançaisRéférence - métadonnées
SoproqSoproq is a not-for-profit collective rights management organization for makers of sound recordings and music videos. The organization collects and distributes royalties from the public performance and reproduction of sound recordings and music videos in its repertoire, as well as the royalties from the private copying regime.EnglishPerforming rights organisation
Accès CultureLe réseau de diffusion culturelle de la Ville de Montréal Des 24 membres diffuseurs du réseau, 22 sont des diffuseurs pluridisciplinaires en arts de la scène. Ces diffuseurs proposent dans chacun de leurs arrondissements, des spectacles, principalement en musique, danse et théâtre, par des artistes professionnels reconnus ou de la relève. On trouve aussi de la chanson, de la poésie et des variétés. L’offre culturelle est complétée par du cinéma.FrançaisRéseau de diffusion
SquarespaceWebsite creation.EnglishWebsite - software
Apple MusicApple Music is a music and video streaming service developed by Apple Inc. Users select music to stream to their device on-demand, or they can listen to existing playlists. The service also includes the Internet radio stations Apple Music 1, Apple Music Hits, and Apple Music Country, which broadcast live to over 200 countries 24 hours a dayEnglishPlatform - music
Fédération des Associations de Musiciens Éducateurs du Québec (FAMEQ)Créée en 1967, la Fédération des Associations de Musiciens Éducateurs du Québec (FAMEQ) regroupe des associations régionales représentant les musiciens éducateurs du Québec. Sa mission est de "promouvoir et soutenir l'éducation musicale sous toutes ses formes comme un élément essentiel de culture et d'enrichissement individuel et collectif".EnglishAssociation - enseignants musique
Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC)The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) brings together cultural workers and employers to address training, career development and other human resource issues.EnglishTraining

IETM - International network for contemporary performing arts is a network of over 500 performing arts organisations and individual members working in the contemporary performing arts worldwide: theatre, dance, circus, performance, interdisciplinary live art forms, new mediaEnglishAssociation - IETM
SPARC (Supporting Performing Arts in Rural & Remote CommunitiesSPARC (Supporting Performing Arts in Rural & Remote Communities) est un réseau dont le but est justement de faciliter et de promouvoir les arts de la scène dans les collectivités rurales et éloignées en Ontario. Pour y arriver, nous avons besoin de gens, de services et de systèmes qui permettent une meilleure communication entre ces différents intervenants.FrançaisRéseau de diffusion
Western Canadian Music AllianceThe Western Canadian Music Alliance was created by the MIAs of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon Territory – to promote and celebrate western Canadian music.EnglishAssociation - music, Western Canada
WikipediaBrief introductions containing all the basics you need to use, comment on, and edit WikipediaEnglishWikipedia

M pour Montréal
M pour Montréal est un festival-conférence qui se déroule chaque novembre et présente une centaine d’artistes locaux et internationaux en pleine ascension ou déjà bien établis dans plus de 15 salles de spectacle partout à travers Montréal. Professionnels de l’industrie de haut niveau se mêlent aux fans et aux artistes durant l’un des événements les plus effervescents de l’automne.FrançaisAssociation - marché des arts de la scènes
SESACSESAC currently licenses the public performances of more than 1 million songs on behalf of its 30,000 affiliated songwriters, composers and music publishers.EnglishPerforming rights organisation - US
DacastLive Streaming Pricing: How to Charge for Streaming of Live Events [2021 Update]EnglishPlatform - streaming
Arts Nova ScotiaProvincial or territorial arts councilEnglishFunding - grants
Digital Arts NationMaking Tomorrow Better: Taking Digital Action in the Performing Arts is a national digital literacy initiative that brings practical digital know-how to participants.EnglishReference - Training

LiveXLive (pronounced Live by Live) is the world's first all-in-one music & entertainment destination that combines premium livestreams of concerts and festivals, expertly-curated streaming radio stations, podcasts, and original artist video and audio content. At LiveXLive, we believe music unifies the world, and it's our mission to bring music and entertainment to as many people as possible around the globeEnglishPlatform - music

Lussier & Khouzam
Lussier & Khouzam is a Canadian law firm specialized in Arts and Entertainment law. From film to digital media, to television, performing arts, video games and music, our team offers adapted and innovative solutions to the legal challenges inherent to the various stages of creation, from inception to broadcast.EnglishLegal - law firm
Opera AmericaOpera companies across North America invite you to experience the art form virtually with live-streaming and on-demand performances.EnglishCalendar - opera
World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)Frequently Asked Questions about copyrightEnglishCopyright - FAQ
Rich Test ResultsTestez votre page en mode public pour voir quels résultats enrichis peuvent être générés par les données structurées qu'elle contient.FrançaisRéférence - métadonnées
Le point de venteThe online ticketing site is now also a webcasting platform to help artists perform despite the pandemic. It also offers non-artistic services, such as conferences and workshops.EnglishPlatform - music
Mécénat Musica PrixMécénat Musica PrixFrançaisFinancement - prix

Alliance québécoise des techniciens et techniciennes de l'image et du son (AQTIS)
L'Alliance québécoise des techniciens et techniciennes de l'image et du son (AQTIS) est l’association reconnue pour représenter quelque 6000 artisans pigistes de plus de 150 métiers liés à la conception, la planification, la mise en place ou la réalisation d'une production audiovisuelle. Elle représente, défend et soutient leurs intérêts auprès des différents interlocuteurs, leur offre un filet social et négocie des ententes collectives précisant les conditions de travail qui doivent s’appliquer à eux.FrançaisSyndicat
Conseil des arts de l'OntarioConseil des arts provinciaux ou territoriaux - ONFrançaisFinancement - subventions
WikipediaThe Copyright Term Extension Act (CTEA) of 1998 extended copyright terms in the United States. It is one of several acts extending the terms of copyrights.EnglishCopyright - United States

Bandcamp’s mission is to create the best possible service for artists and labels to share and earn money from their music, and for fans to discover and enjoy it.EnglishPlatform - music
Canada's Music Incubator (CMI)Calendar of livestreamsEnglishCalendar - livestreams
Réseau de diffusion qui couvre l'Abiti-TémiscamingueUn réseau de diffusion qui couvre l'Abiti-TémiscamingueFrançaisRéseau de diffusion
Hype BotHow To Livestream Using Free OBS Software – An Accidentals GuideEnglishLivestream - tips
BC Alliance for Arts + CultureThe BC Alliance for Arts + Culture is a nonprofit provincial organization that works to advocate, inform, connect and serve BC's Creative Community. Our members include organizations, professional associations, not-for-profit groups, artists, and cultural workers throughout British Columbia.EnglishAssociation - artists, BC

Canada Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF)
The Canada Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF) provides financial assistance to organizations that professionally present arts festivals or performing arts series (arts presenters) and organizations that offer support to arts presenters.EnglishFunding - CAPF
Indigo-ltdA set of FREE tools designed for cultural organisations at all stages of reopening, helping to track audience and visitor sentiment and build up a national picture for the benefit of the whole sector. English only - UK.EnglishReference - general
Canada's anti-spam legislation (CASL)The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) shares responsibility for enforcing CASL with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) and the federal Competition Bureau.EnglishCASL - OPC
APEM's Music UseThis guide is a free web portal with the goal of offering useful resources for music uses in various contexts: in videos, podcasts, radio, in a bar, a web series, etc.EnglishLicencing - guide
L’Association des professeurs de musique du Québec (APMQ)L’Association des professeurs de musique du Québec (APMQ) est une société à but non lucratif regroupant des professeurs de musique qui enseignent dans différents conservatoires, collèges, écoles de musique, universités et aussi en privé. L’APMQ est membre de la Fédération canadienne des associations de professeurs de musique (FCAPM), organisme qui rassemble des associations de ce genre dans neuf provinces canadiennes, et dont le but est de promouvoir le plus haut calibre d’éducation musicale possible à travers le Canada.FrançaisAssociation - enseignants musique

Our mission is to help bring creative projects to life. We believe that art and creative expression are essential to a healthy and vibrant society, and the space to create requires protection.EnglishCrowdfunding
Conseil des arts du CanadaLe Conseil des arts du Canada est l’organisme public de soutien aux arts du Canada. Nous soutenons l'excellence artistique en offrant aux artistes et aux organismes artistiques canadiens une vaste gamme de subventions, de services, de prix et de paiements et nous en faisons la promotion.FrançaisFinancement - subventions
Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO)The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) is a special operating agency of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. We deliver intellectual property (IP) services in Canada and educate Canadians on how to use IP more effectively.EnglishIP - CIPO

Virtual Event software allows businesses to continue their event and conferencing schedules virtually with live streaming tools that can be viewed on multiple devices.EnglishReference - event software
Royalty ExchangeGuide to Sync RoyaltiesEnglishReference - royalty guide
DoremusDOing REusable MUSical data Improve music description to foster music exchange and reuse.EnglishMetadata - DOREMUS
Fondation SOCANLa Fondation SOCAN accorde des subventions aux créateurs et éditeurs qui aident la musique canadienne à se faire une place de choix dans la société actuelle. Nos subventions aident notre musique à rayonner et à faire résonner nos voix ici et aux quatre coins du monde.FrançaisFinancement - subventions takes an in-depth look at some of the most influential music in the world – and the artists that created it. Full of news, reviews, features, videos, curated playlists and quizzes, it’s an essential home for fans of all types of music. Among its contributors, the site has a team of respected authors and journalists who are passionate about what they do, with decades’ worth of experience in print, online, radio and TV journalism. is operated by Universal Music Group, the largest record label in the world and home to the greatest artists in history.EnglishReference - general

U Discover Music
A Guide To All the Livestreams And Virtual ConcertsEnglishCalendar - livestreams

Manitoba Arts Council
Conseil des arts provinciaux ou territoriaux - MBFrançaisFinancement - subventions
Groover: Music Promotion with ResultsMusic Promotion With Results Send your music to relevant media and labels, get listened to and feedback guaranteedEnglishDistribution - digital
Orchestras CanadaOrchestres Canada aide les orchestres canadiens à réaliser ensemble ce qu’ils ne peuvent accomplir seuls et leur offre dans les deux langues officielles ses services de recherche, de partage des connaissances, de convocation de réunions et de défense des intérêts.FrançaisAssociation - orchestres
RecitHallRecitHall est une plateforme à vocation artistique qui perme taux artistes et organisateurs professionnels de rencontrer leur public sur internet en diffusant des spectacles interactifs, en direct et rémunérés.FrançaisPlateforme - streaming
Performing Rights Organizations (PROs)erforming Rights Organizations (PROs) play a vital role in any songwriter's career – even if a songwriter doesn't realize it. PROs, a term generally used to describe collection societies in North America, function primarily to collect performance royalties for songwriters. These types of royalties are earned when works are performed ‘publicly’, which can include when a song is played on television, on the radio (whether internet or terrestrial), inside a restaurant, or when performed live.EnglishPerforming rights organisation - guide, CA, US
View StubViewStub is your turn-key software platform for any type or size of event. We were built for hosting online events with an all-encompassing solution for event ticketing, video streaming and marketing.EnglishPlatform - streaming
Google DevelopersDocumentation Google (language button is at the top, right) Améliorez la visibilité de votre site dans la recherche Google.FrançaisSEO
Toronto Arts Council (TAC)Toronto Arts Council (TAC) is the City of Toronto's funding body for artists and arts organizations. Since 1974, TAC has played a major role in the city’s cultural industries by supporting a very broad range of artistic activity. From the emerging artist to the most established, from celebrated institutions to arts that challenge convention, TAC is typically the first funder to offer support. Today, TAC grants lead to exhibitions, performances, readings and workshops seen annually by over 5 million people.EnglishFunding - grants

Re:Sound is the Canadian not-for-profit music licensing company dedicated to obtaining fair compensation for artists and record companies for their performance rights.EnglishLicensing - Re:Sound

ACTRA RACS (Recording Artists’ Collecting Society)
ACTRA RACS (Recording Artists’ Collecting Society) is a not-for-profit performer collective dedicated to ensuring that all performers and recording artists, from session musicians and background performers to featured vocalists, are paid for the use of their work. We collect royalties in Canada and from around the world, representing tens of thousands of recording artists across all genres of music.EnglishPerforming rights organisation

VOD Factory
Une solution technique complète en mode SaaS pour vous permettre de créer votre plateforme de vidéo à la demande. Lancez, gérez et développez votre service directement depuis votre back-office.FrançaisPlateforme - vidéo
SPARC (Supporting Performing Arts in Rural & Remote Communities)SPARC (Supporting Performing Arts in Rural & Remote Communities) is a network whose purpose is to ignite and help sustain performing arts communities in rural and remote Ontario. In order for the performing arts scene to thrive we believe there needs to be people, services and systems that allow us to communicate with each other effectively.EnglishPresenters' network
Folk Music OntarioStreaming How-To: Finding Your Voice on a Digital Stage (Audio Only) from Folk Music OntarioEnglishMarketing
Organisation mondiale de la propriété intellectuelle (OMPI)Organisation mondiale de la propriété intellectuelle (OMPI) Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (as amended on September 28, 1979)FrançaisDroit d'auteur - Convention de Berne
PrimephonicThe streaming service designed for classical music. Primephonic is a Dutch-American start-up founded by a team of classical music lovers with the ambition to create a better future for classical music by finally developing a streaming service that gets classical right.EnglishPlatform - streaming
Gigwell.comGigwell goes beyond just booking. We provide the world’s leading artists and booking agencies with the tools needed to maximize revenue, time and efficiency. We’ve helped thousands of live entertainers, speakers and booking agents streamline their booking processes, discover new talent buyers, and track ticket sales. Gigwell is the world’s first end-to-end booking management platform.EnglishPlatform - booking management
WixCréation d'un site Web.Françaissite Web
Wix.comWebsite creation.EnglishWebsite - software
Fédération Internationale des Musiciens (FIM)La Fédération Internationale des Musiciens, fondée en 1948, représente au niveau mondial les syndicats de musiciens et leurs organisations représentatives équivalentes. À ce jour, elle compte environ 70 membres dans 60 pays.FrançaisAssociation - FIM
Mécénat Musica PrizesMécénat Musica PrizesEnglishFunding - prizes
Conseil des ressources humaines du secteur culturel (CRHSC)Le Conseil des ressources humaines du secteur culturel (CRHSC) réunit des représentants de toutes les disciplines culturelles et de l'industrie afin de discuter de formation, de développement de carrière et de ressources humaines.FrançaisFormation
Culture/NumériQCLe projet Culture/NumériQC est né du Plan culturel numérique du Québec (mesure 99) pour accompagner l’ensemble des acteurs culturels québécois dans leur transition numérique actuelle.FrançaisRéférence - culture numériqu
CRTC and Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)CRTC and Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)EnglishCASL - CRTC

SiriusXM est un service de radio par satellite.FrançaisRadio - satellite, internet
Factor.caMusic industry links supplied by FACTOREnglishReference - industry links
VultureCalendar of livestreams, mostly Indie and popEnglishCalendar - livestreams

Institute for Research in Music and Community
Presentation made at the Digital Strategies for Musicians meeting, May 2 - 4, 2018, Brandon University: Connecting to your Audience - Tips on designing your digital presence Part 2EnglishSocial media
CreativeBCThe B.C. government established Amplify BC in 2018 and continues to launch programs each year after extensive consultations with the music industry. Creative BC also has established partnerships with Music BC and the First Peoples’ Cultural Council to support the development of B.C.’s music industryEnglishFunding - Amplify BC
Cherie HuVarious articles from mainstream media on divers subjects: Music streaming + distribution, Music-tech's bleeding edge, Music-industry investment + finance, Artist + label strategy, Hyper-local + hyper-global moves, Hip-hop culture + tech innovation, Music media crossovers, Live events + livestreaming, Music + gaming, Music + podcasts, Gender, diversity + politicsEnglishReference - general
Manitoba MusicManitoba Music is the hub of Manitoba’s vibrant music community and is a member-based, not-for-profit industry association representing over 750 members in all facets of the music industry, including artists and bands, studios, agents, managers, songwriters, venues, promoters, producers, and beyond. Manitoba Music serves all genres, from rock to roots, hip hop to hardcore, country to classical, and everything in between.EnglishReference - music law
Manitoba MusicGood list of resourcesEnglishReference - general,article/7869/diy-roundup-finding-revenue-streams

National Opera
National Opera CalendarEnglishCalendar - opera
HaboHabo partners with organizations to deliver expert strategic planning, market insights, and consumer intelligence. Our name stands for "Haute Altitude, Basse Ouverture" (High Altitude, Low Opening), a parachuting technique which consists in free-falling at high altitude from a wide perspective and opening the parachute at low altitude to land on a precise target.EnglishStrategic planning, marketing

Société canadienne de perception de la copie privée (SCPCP)
Établie en 1999, la Société canadienne de perception de la copie privée (SCPCP) est un organisme confédéral responsable de la perception et de la distribution des redevances pour la copie privée au nom de ses sociétés membres (CMRRA, SOCAN, Ré:Sonne). Depuis 1999, la SCPCP a distribué plus de 300 millions de dollars à plus de 100 000 auteurs-compositeurs, compositeurs, éditeurs de musique, artistes, musiciens et maisons de disques.FrançaisSociété de gestion collective is a project to create a communal knowledge graph of what’s happening in arts in Canada. The focus of the initiative is centred on making the process simple for arts organizations and artists to generate, maintain, link, structure and share machine-readable metadata about their events and activities. In an AI-powered world, linked structured data is critical for discoverability.EnglishMetadata - reference
Entrepren'artsEntrepren'arts est d'abord et avant tout une communauté d'artistes qui cherchent à développer leurs compétences entrepreneuriales pour soutenir l'avancement et le succès de leur carrière. Cette communauté sera d'abord constituée de musiciens de tous les horizons.FrançaisFormation
Halifax - Grants to Professional Arts Organizations ProgramGrants to Professional Arts Organizations Program The program has two funding streams, operating assistance and project assistance, and offers funding to registered not-for-profit professional arts organizations operating within the Halifax Regional Municipality.EnglishFunding - grants

StageIt is an online venue where artists perform live, interactive, monetized shows for their fans directly from a laptop, offering fans unique experiences that are never archived.EnglishPlatform - streaming
La TrameLa Trame is a digital capture and broadcasting project especially designed to support the creative work of artists evolving in niche musical genres.EnglishPlatform - streaming

Canadian Arts Presenting Association/Association canadienne des organismes artistiques (CAPACOA)
As the national leader of Canada’s touring and presenting communities, the Canadian Arts Presenting Association/Association canadienne des organismes artistiques (CAPACOA cultivates a vibrant, healthy and equitable performing arts ecosystem, from artists to audiences.EnglishAssociation - booking conference
Wikipedialist of music festivals in Canada, nothing for Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, English onlyEnglishAssociation - festivals, music
CAPACOATowards an International Knowledge Base for the Performing ArtsEnglishData - linked open
Linked digital futureRessources de littératie numérique, plusieurs niveaux: débutant(e), Intermédiaire, Avancé(e) ainsi qu'outils et applications pratiquesFrançaisRéférence - métadonnées
WikipediaLa Loi américaine d'extension du terme des droits d'auteur (Copyright Term Extension Act) est une loi votée en 1998 par le congrès américain concernant la prolongation de 20 ans aux États-Unis des droits d'auteur.FrançaisDroit d'auteur - É-U
La Loi canadienne anti-pourriel (LCAP)Le CRTC et la Loi canadienne anti-pourriel (LCAP)FrançaisLCAP - CRTC

Screen Composers Guild of Canada (SCGC)
A national association of professional music composers and producers for film, television and media. The SCGC Mission is to promote the music, status and rights of film, television and media composers in Canada.EnglishAssociation - screen composers
Réseau ScènesRéseau Scènes est un organisme à but non lucratif qui regroupe et représente des diffuseurs pluridisciplinaires professionnels en arts de la scène œuvrant sur le territoire du grand Montréal et des régions.FrançaisRéseau de diffusion
SODECLa SODEC contribue à la production et à la promotion de spectacles de variétés, à la tournée de spectacles au Québec et à la tenue d’événements nationaux. Elle encourage la consolidation des entreprises québécoises de l’industrie de la musique et des variétés et favorise le développement et la diffusion de contenus musicaux ou de variétés québécois dans de nouveaux médias.FrançaisFinancement - SODEC

Alberta Music
Alberta Music is a non-profit, service based association dedicated to helping professionals in the music industry succeed in their careers. Since 1984, Alberta Music has been committed to growing the Alberta music industry through education, communication, information, promotion and recognition of Alberta talent. The association provides professional development, educational support, mentoring and training opportunities for Alberta artists and those working within the Alberta music industry.EnglishAssociation - music, Alberta
Fans labBy creating innovative mobile applications, Fanslab's mission is to help brands and organizations unleash the full potential of their smart communities. Our scalable platform with community mobilization mechanisms stimulates participation, collaborative learning, smart matchmaking and personalized journey discovery. By putting people at the heart of its technology engagement processes, Fanslab aims to unleash the power of smart communities.EnglishPlatform - music

Operabase - la référence pour les représentations d'opéra dans le monde entier. Productions et performancesFrançaisBase de données - opéra

Institute for Research in Music and Community
Presentation made at the Digital Strategies for Musicians meeting, May 2 - 4, 2018, Brandon University: Connecting to your Audience - Tips on designing your digital presence Part 1EnglishSocial media

Réseau Ontario
Réseau Ontario, le réseau de diffusion des arts de la scène de l'Ontario français, est le producteur de Contact ontarois depuis 2001. Réseau Ontario a comme mandat de créer et de mettre en place les conditions et les mécanismes propices à la diffusion des arts de la scène francophone et à leur maintien à long terme. Il veille ainsi à la concertation et à la formation de ses membres, de même qu'au développement du public franco-ontarien. Il facilite la circulation et la promotion de spectacles et d'activités de sensibilisation dans un réseau de 22 diffuseurs pluridisciplinaires, associés ainsi qu'affiliés et de 12 diffuseurs scolaires représentant plus de 400 écoles.FrançaisRéseau de diffusion
IDAGIOIDAGIO is the world’s leading streaming service for classical music. It offers video and audio streaming to music lovers in over 160 countries worldwide. Its acclaimed audio streaming service is uniquely tailored to the demands of classical music, featuring optimized meta-data and complemented by curation by music-lovers for music-lovers.EnglishPlatform - streaming
Canadian HeritageCanadian Heritage and its portfolio organizations play a vital role in the cultural, civic and economic life of Canadians. Arts, culture and heritage represent more than $56 billion in the Canadian economy and close to 655,000 jobs in sectors such as film and video, broadcasting, music, publishing, archives, performing arts, heritage institutions, festivals and celebrationsEnglishFunding - grants

Musical Instrument Museums Online (MIMO)
MIMO musical instrument museums online Bienvenue dans la plus grande base de données sur les instruments de musique détenus dans les collections publiques. Notre base est en accès libre et contient à ce jour les descriptions de 64070 instruments.FrançaisRéférence - MIMO
Royalty ExchangeFive Alternative Income Sources for the DIY ArtistEnglishMonetisation
Music NWTMusic NWT exists to develop, foster and promote the continued growth of the Northwest Territories music industry to its fullest potential. Music is an integral part of culture in the Northwest Territories, and by supporting performing and recording artists in the NWT, Music NWT aims to increase recognition of the music industry as a vital element of the economy and cultural identity of the Northwest Territories, both within the territory and abroad. Music NWT also provides training opportunities to musicians, and provides a voice to government and business and the communities at large regarding issues facing the music industry.EnglishAssociation - music, NWT
Canada's anti-spam legislation (CASL)Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation, or CASL for short, came into force on July 1, 2014. It is one of the most prescriptive and punitive anti-spam laws anywhere in the world. With penalties of up to $10 million, CASL compliance has become a priority for anyone doing business in Canada.EnglishCASL - guide
La Société professionnelle des auteurs et des compositeurs du QuébecLa Société professionnelle des auteurs et des compositeurs du Québec est une association qui représente les intérêts moraux, économiques et professionnels des auteurs de chansons francophones à travers le Canada et de tous les compositeurs de musique au Québec.FrançaisAssociation - auteurs, compositeurs, Québec

SXWorks is a subsidiary of SoundExchange created in connection with the May 2017 acquisition of the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency Ltd. (CMRRA). SXWorks provides global administration and support services to music publishers in connection with various licensing activities. SXWorks helps the music and creative communities thrive in the digital age.EnglishLicensing - SX

Frissonic Shivers
Frissonic Shivers is your curated source of music. Showcasing a diverse range of music that elicits a physical and emotional response. Frissonic Shivers is your home for music reviews, show listings, industry news, and career tips for emerging and entrepreneurial artists.EnglishPlatform - curated
APEM (Association des professionnels de l’édition musicale)L’Association des professionnels de l’édition musicale (APEM) représente les éditeurs musicaux québécois et francophones au Canada. Nos membres contrôlent 830 maisons d’édition comportant 400 000 œuvres musicales. L’APEM travaille à faire valoir les droits et intérêts des éditeurs musicaux, ainsi que ceux des auteurs et des compositeurs qu’ils représentent.FrançaisAssociation- édition musicale