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Nick Maturo

Musician, Research Coordinator (ELAN)


Nick Maturo holds an M.A. in Communications Studies from McGill University and a B.F.A. in Electroacoustic Studies from Concordia University. His ongoing research considers musician labour and the role of institutions within the rapidly evolving field of online music distribution.

As an artist, Nick has been active in Montréal’s experimental music community for over ten years and has performed at the Suoni Per Il Popolo and MUTEK festivals. More recently, he has released music with record labels such as Orange Milk Records and Never Anything Records.

Nick currently serves as a Research Coordinator with the English Language Arts Network (ELAN), assisting artists and arts organizations in accessing funding in Quebec.


Damián Siqueiros, Creative Producer, Terra Sapiens studio damiansiqueiros.com

Juan David Padilla Vega, Cinematographer youtube.com/c/urniatorstudio

Camilo Chitiva, Cinematographer makka.ca

Helena Vallès Escola, Script and research helenavalles.com

Liliana Ortiz Casas, Video Editor liliortiz.design