What is an International Standard Recording Code (ISRC)?

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Jacynthe Plamondon-Émond

President, InTempo Musique


A graduate in film studies, Jacynthe Plamondon-Émond began her career in music videos and quickly moved into the musical field. She worked with the Amati Ensemble and subsequently worked for 13 years for record labels. She has been the President of InTempo Musique since August 2016 and works as a consultant for independent artists, companies and organizations in the music industry (Metamusique, Ministère de la Culture et des Communications, La Vitrine Culturelle).


Damián Siqueiros, Creative Producer, Terra Sapiens studio damiansiqueiros.com

Juan David Padilla Vega, Cinematographer youtube.com/c/urniatorstudio

Camilo Chitiva, Cinematographer makka.ca

Helena Vallès Escola, Script and research helenavalles.com

Liliana Ortiz Casas, Video Editor liliortiz.design