Do I need to know the differences between synchronization licenses, mechanical licenses, master licenses, public performance licenses, print rights licenses and theatrical licenses?

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Laetitia L. Lebedeff

Music rights consultant

Laetitia has worked in music supervision, music production and music rights clearance for more than 10 years, collaborating with leading studios, agencies, directors, and brands on a huge variety of projects spanning film, television, advertising, and digital media.

Her initial training as a classical musician, followed by a decade’s worth of multifaceted management experience both in Canada and abroad, have nourished her versatile, holistic approach to the art of negotiation, organization, and implementation.

Laetitia always brings a keen, critical eye as well as a lively creative energy to all of her projects.


Damián Siqueiros, Creative Producer, Terra Sapiens studio

Juan David Padilla Vega, Cinematographer

Camilo Chitiva, Cinematographer

Helena Vallès Escola, Script and research

Liliana Ortiz Casas, Video Editor