Reflections on the art of video production

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Thibault Bertin-Marghit

founder and double bassist, collectif9

An inventive and dynamic musician and the founder of collectif9, double bassist Thibault Bertin-Maghit finds his inspiration anywhere from heavy metal to early music. Relocating from France to Montreal in 2004 and completing his Masters in Music Performance at the Université de Montréal, Thibault has performed in chamber music and orchestra festivals and academies in Canada, the USA, England, Finland, Norway, France, Austria and Spain. A jack-of-all-trades, Thibault can be seen on stage with Tafelmusik, Pallade Musica and new music ensembles, or found working tirelessly on new arrangements for collectif9. He could once be found playing piano, drums, or bass in indie rock or heavy metal bands – a remnant of his past life – but the present finds Thibault dreaming up new projects and collaborations for the future of collectif9.

Damián Siqueiros

Creative Producer, Terra Sapiens stud

Creator for impact Damián Siqueiros uses art to create positive narratives that lead to healing socio-ecological environments through empathic visual storytelling.

Siqueiros’ work covers a wide range of media including photography, installation, video art, art direction and education.

Performing arts are a core element of his work almost since the beginning of his career. Performance has become a language expressed through photography that allows him to address complex issues through emotive abstract movement. Siqueiros has collaborated with talented choreographers such as Sidi Larbi, Margie Gillis, Kyra Jean Green, Andrew Skeels and companies such Danse Danse and Les Grands Ballets de Montréal.

Damián has participated in more than 60 exhibitions in Canada and internationally, notably in Washington D.C, at the Art Museum of the Americas, Miami at the Frost Museum, Mexico, South Korea at the MMCA Goyang Residency, Toronto, Montreal and New York at the prestigious Tambaran gallery.

Siqueiros is currently working on Terra Sapiens, an “art for environmental regeneration” vision with thought-provoking artistic representations of a viable future that nurtures symbiotic natural, human, collaborative and developmental environments.


Damián Siqueiros, Creative Producer, Terra Sapiens studio

Juan David Padilla Vega, Cinematographer

Camilo Chitiva, Cinematographer

Helena Vallès Escola, Script and research

Liliana Ortiz Casas, Video Editor