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Want to know more about getting your music online and making sure that it’s discovered?
You are an agent or a manager and want to protect and monetise your artist’s online music?
You present music and you want to know what rights are involved in putting music online? Look no further.

We know that music school trained you to become a musician, not a technical whiz. You are a manager or an agent, not a digital expert. You present live music, you’re not an online platform.

COVID made live performing pretty much impossible, reinforcing a trend that was already there. But how do you get online, how do you get noticed, how do you get paid? To answer these questions, we’ve created

What is is a series of web capsules and links that will help equip you with the knowledge you need to facilitate your online presence.

What can I do to stop my music from being downloaded illegally?

What is the best platform for streaming music?

Should I put my music online for free?

How do I distribute my music?

What is copyright?

What is the public domain?

What are synchronization rights?

What can I do to stop my music from being downloaded illegally?

What’s SEO?

What’s metadata?

What are Performing Rights Societies?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, check out what our experts have to say.

We’ve created a series of web capsules that answer these and many other questions you may have. And, as well as the web capsules, we’ve put together a list of resources that touch on the issues we’ve raised.

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